Why your second year of uni is lowkey the worst

March 08, 2017
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Being in your second year is kind of like turning 19 – it’s the year no one really cares about, yet somehow you’re expected to know and do so much more. Maybe you’re unlucky enough to experience both starting your second year and turning 19 in the same year (we feel ya). Regardless of whether you thought your first year of uni was hard or you cruised right through it, prepare yourself for the rude shock that is your second year of uni AKA your mid-uni crisis.

No more intro subjects means uni work is infinitely harder

Your first year was all about laying down the basics. And according to your lecturers, your second-year selves should have the basics mastered. This is ignoring the fact that you may have gotten Ps last year or you've completely forgotten everything you learned over the summer break. You’ll long for those intro subjects when you’re dealing with 10x the amount of readings, with ideas so complex you need to take a nap every time you read a sentence.

Expectations to start internships

Unless you’re one of those crazy motivated Hermione types, most of us don’t go after internships in our first year. It’s the year of finding your feet and figuring out if this is what you want to do. Once second year comes around though, your teachers love to remind you that now is the time to go out and get an internship. But it’s hard to get your first internship experience when so many internships require previous experience. Ugh.

Now is your time to decide if this is right for you

You’re expected to have some idea if this is the right path towards your future career. You had a full year to figure it out, but now that it’s time to actually make some decisions. Can you see yourself pursuing this degree as a career? Do you like the degree? It’s the questions that you should be ready to answer, but if you’re anything like me then you’re probs not ready. It’s too soon, it’s too serious and you’re still not completely sure. You just need a little more time…

You no longer have the excuse of being a lost and confused first year

No more being late to class and using the excuse of “I got lost”. You can get away with that in your first year, but not anymore. You’re expected to know your way around and have your shit together. You also have no excuses for acting like a noob on Blackboard/Moodle/Learnonline – you’re expected to know how that works by now.

…but tbh you still feel like a first year

You’re probs sick of hearing the first class speech that sounds something like, “Now you’re in second year, you’re expected to…” blah blah blah. You’re told that you’ll no longer be babied, but you don’t really remember that happening much in first year either. They’ve just replaced the first year speech of “You’re not in high school anymore” with "You're not in first year anymore". They expect your standard of assignments and referencing to be so much higher, when really you have no clue wtf you’re doing.

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