Why we should feel #blessed to be uni students

March 15, 2017
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Uni may be a soul crushing and disheartening period of your life, but you cannot deny that there are definitely some perks that make uni life enjoyable, if not bearable. As some of you might be dreading this semester, here are some reasons that will remind you that we should feel #blessed to be students.


Let’s get the most important one out of the way. Where would we be without our beloved student discounts? From cheaper gym memberships to half priced coffee, getting a discount (even the times when it’s a minuscule five per cent off a product) makes any sleep deprived and crabby student smirk with satisfaction.


The best thing about uni is that you have so many other options for you that are not even part of your degree. You could be doing a Law degree and take up a creative writing elective, or you could be doing a poetry unit and take on an astronomy unit as a part of your course. Not to mention all the clubs and societies and volunteer jobs you can join on campus to improve your resume. Uni is like a huge playground of endless opportunities waiting for you to take them. Best to do as much as you can while you enjoy the ride!

Student loans

Never again will you be able to claim student loans for textbooks, exchange or anything else your hard working little heart may desire. It is our job as students to take full advantage of any money that is available to us. Obviously you will have to pay it back some day, but that will be waaay in the future when you have a grown-up job. Let future you worry about that!

Exchange and tours

Travel while studying is the best way to finish your degree. It looks great on the resume and you get the experience of a lifetime. There are always funds and loans from the government to help you out and all it takes is working overtime for a few weekends and you’re eligible for student exchange! When else will this opportunity ever arise again? If a six month trip abroad isn’t your thing, most universities also offer two week study tours that count as a unit! What do you have to lose?! Apart from thousands of dollars? It’s totally worth it.

The uni parties

Where else can you meet the most amazing and interesting people while getting drunk off cheap beer? I don’t know about you, but the uni parties I go to are always the best nights out where everybody just lets loose and parties hard. The people are friendly, the music is good and even though you throw up in the Uber on the way home and have to get up for a morning lecture the next day (this has never happened to me *cough*) you still know it will be totally worth it.

The amazing people you meet

You will find amazing like-minded people that may get you places in life or can become your lifelong friends. Most lecturers are super friendly and laid back and are always willing to talk about the score on your exams and listen to any problems. If you get to know your lecturers, they can become good friends after uni and may be able to give you a leg up in whatever industry you're in. Uni is all about connections, networking and the incredible people that come into your life.

Sophie Nicolas

Sophie is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

Image: Valeriy Belobeev, Flickr Creative Commons license