Why the nice girl in the nightclub bathroom is your new role model

August 23, 2016
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A nightclub bathroom is a sanctuary. It’s a place of lipstick and glittery eyes, hushed gossip and raucous laughter. Maybe you’ve gone there to escape an uncomfortably eager guy. Or maybe you’re looking for your friends. It could just be that you really need to pee. But the queues are always long, so you stand and wait, trying not to think about your bladder, trying not to hear the rush of water as the other girls wash their hands.

And then she appears.

“Oh my god. Honey. Your LIPSTICK. It’s AMAZING.”

Who is she, ladies? This wonderful creature? This angel? You know who she is. Maybe you’ve even been her.

She is the nice girl in the nightclub bathroom. She should be your role model and I’m here to tell you why.

She gives the best compliments (and she means them)

If she sees something she likes, she will say it – with passion. Your shoes, your hair, your dancing. You’ll go into the bathroom feeling like an 8 and you’ll leave feeling like Beyoncé.

This girl has an uncanny knack for knowing the perfect compliment to give. If you weren’t sure whether people were appreciating your diamante stockings that night, your stockings will be what she loves the most.

Give someone a compliment today, it’ll make everyone feel good.

She’s confident

Her outfit could be a little wackadoo. She might not be making any sense. Do you think she cares? Of course not! She is a goddess and damn it – she knows it.

Here’s the thing ladies and gents; confidence is contagious. If you walk the walk and talk the talk, people will notice. They’ll want to be confident like you. You’ll be fostering self-love and fierce individuality. You couldn’t want anything more.

She has the answers

Romantic dilemma? You’ve just found a sticky alcohol stain on your dress? Or maybe you’re in the midst of a full-blown existential crisis? She will sort you out. She always has tissues, hand detergent and an almost frightening level of stain removal know-how. She also has wisdom and kindness.

She doesn’t know you but she will listen to your garbled sorrows and find a solution. Kindness is a gift that costs nothing and listening is a wonderful talent.

Don’t have the answers? Take them out for a dance.

She’s hilarious

Have you ever met someone who gets along with everyone? Who knows how to engage in conversation with ease, to make someone laugh? That’s her. She’s going to crack you up and make you wonder how she wasn’t your friend already.

Seeing a stranger laugh automatically makes us happier. This is one of the facts that come on Libra pads, so it must be true. Your inner Owen Wilson is trying to break out, guys. Let him out and bust out those funnies.

She takes your mind off the queue

And for this, we salute her.

Chances are, you’ll never see this stiletto shod fairy godmother again. My friends, please do not weep. The nice girl in the nightclub bathroom lives on in your humour, your confidence, your advice, your compliments and of course, your three vodka sunrises.

Lucy Dean

Lucy studies journalism and Spanish at the University of Wollongong. She’d work a pun into everything if she could.

Image: James Stewart, Flickr Creative Commons license