Why it doesn’t matter if you miss that one party

February 05, 2016
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We've all felt it: the sting of peer pressure as almost every single one of your friends begs you to come out for “just a couple of drinks”. But wait! This is the third time this week, it's only Thursday, and the bank account is almost empty. Here’s some reassuring news: it’s completely OK to pass on another night spent awkwardly holding conversation with people you barely know in a crowded bar. Let me be the devil's advocate. Let's fight FOMO.

There will be more parties - a lot more

Almost at the moment you refuse your friends’ invitation to your local dive bar, they’ll already be planning the next night out. I've found recently that a large majority of the time spent at parties is a bunch of half-drunk uni students laying the groundwork for the “best night ever” in two weeks’ time. The rest of the time is usually spent dealing with the drama of the last party. These things come thick and fast, so avoiding one is less a missed opportunity than a way to manage quality.

Your friends will get over it

They talk tough, but their soreness will pass. If they're people you trust, the likelihood is that they're inviting you to make sure you're alright and because they think you're free. In general, the less you make yourself overly available, the less likely they’ll invite you to every... single... shindig. Also, if you're the type of person who has trouble managing their anxiety and depression, letting your friends know that all this activity is making you uncomfortable will help them help you - which brings me to my next point…

Look after yourself first

Parties are great, and it's always been important to socialise. However, stretching yourself thin can do a lot of damage. Whether you're the type of person to make the most of every night out, burning through every possible drink and staying up the latest you can, or the type to head home early after only a couple, taking regular nights off with nothing too hard in your system will do you a world of good. Sometimes, just resting up at home is a whole lot better than finding your way across the city surfing buses.

There’s a lot more you're missing at home

For every party you go to, there's a whole lot of film, TV shows, book, music and food (and assignments) you could be focusing on. At this point in time, we’re in the middle of the age of 'Peak TV' (highbrow stuff on telly), independent and blockbuster films alike are being produced at an alarming rate, and you can find any kind of music you like to cater to your every want or need. With the recent gifts from gods like Spotify and Netflix, it’s never been easier to immerse yourself in stories.

Is that one party you were barely invited to (but seem to be stressing over constantly) really worth it? Surely there are plenty of things more fun that sitting round a deck of cards learning how to play the newest variation of a pretty boring drinking game, sipping warm cider you forgot to throw in the fridge, half-listening to Steve tell you how he probably screwed it up with Ellen ‘cause of that one time that wasn’t even a thing with Beth. I’m just saying... Breaking Bad does exist.

With all this mind, maybe it’s time to hang up the heels, tie-dye t-shirt or fluoro Rabens and wrap yourself in something other than cigarette smoke and beer fumes. Maybe just a blanket. In front of your computer. Enjoy.

Henry Carter

Henry Carter is a Film and English major at the University of Sydney who has a lot of TV to catch up on.

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