Why I'm not ashamed to be a 19-year-old One Directioner

February 06, 2015
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For a while, I never used the word 'Directioner,’ because it made me feel dirty. I mean, using it made me associated with a bunch of twelvies who acted erratically whenever they saw the five Brits' faces and that was the last thing I wanted. Lately, however, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don't need to be ashamed by it because being a 19-year-old Directioner is amazing. Here’s why.

I actually understand the lyrics

Songs always have hidden meanings and sometimes you have to be that little bit more mature in order to understand what the lyrics are really getting at. Take ‘Why Don’t We Go There?’ from 1D’s Midnight Memories album for example. The boys sing about setting us free, giving us a key and ultimately (you guessed it) asking us to go ‘there’. Yeah, we get it. But do the kiddies? They’re probably still wondering where ‘there’ is.

I'm taller than the twelvies

I’m incredibly short by adult standards, only reaching a mere 160cm, which makes standing in mosh pits or any level piece of ground quite the challenge. I usually can't see anything over the people who were gifted with height. However, at 1D concerts, I’m generally one of the tallest people around. Bring on a stellar view of the handsome Brits, please.

I actually have a shot at hooking up with the boys (maybe, not really)

I was talking to my aunt about the concert, when she asked me who my favourite member was. Harry – duh. I told her who it was and then heard my cousin release an almighty gasp. She put her hands on her hips, demanded I bend down to her eye level and then explained to me how no one was going to marry Harry except her. Now, I know Mr Styles doesn’t like to date women his own age, but I doubt he's going risk committing a felony by dating someone 14 years his junior. There’s only two years’ difference between him and me, so I’m looking much more probable here. To my dearest cousin, let me say this - game on, but if you’re nice, I might just let you meet him one day.

I have a disposable income

Let’s face it. We uni students are more likely to spend our precious dollars on things we don’t really need, instead of something necessary like food. Having a job that actually pays, means we can spend money on our favourite band’s merch. Nothing says Directioner more than having enough posters, CDs and books to build the world’s most awesome shrine in your room.

I don’t feel the need to write fan fic

Take a look at all of the 1D fan fiction (if you dare). Most of it is written by twelvies who have nothing better to do than to write about how Niall will see them in a crowded concert, pick them up and take them on a whirlwind adventure around the globe. I’ve had no impulse to write fan fic, because being a Directioner is simply a hobby, not my entire life. Besides, I’m actually allowed to have a boyfriend. #Winning

Ashley Chegwyn

Ashley is a Media student at USYD. She enjoys novel writing, horizontal running and procrastinating on Twitter via @ItsMeAshleyC.

Image: One Direction official Facebook page