What you thought your 20s would be like vs what they’re actually like

September 09, 2016
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We didn’t realise how good we had it in our teenage years. While all of our high school years were spent looking forward to our 20s, now that we’re finally here, we’re a little underwhelmed. We know Friends warned us life was gonna be this way, but these are the things we thought we’d defs have sorted out by now.

Expectation: Finally feeling mature and grown up
Reality: What is this whole ‘adulting’ thing?!

Apparently we’re now considered adults, but it definitely doesn’t feel that way.  We almost felt grown up when we started to do adult things like moving out, but somehow we still manage to call our parents every time the washing machine starts making weird noises or we don’t understand a tax return form.  Not to mention all the not-so-fun adult things we didn’t have to do before like paying bills… if this is what adult life is going to be like, we want out.

Expectation: Being able to afford shit
Reality: Broke AF

We expected our 20s would be a time of financial independence. We figures we'd finally be able to afford all those weekend brunches, music festivals, clothes, cocktail nights and overseas trips… right? Wrong. Along came unpaid internships, a pile of bills and crappy part-time jobs. So instead, we settle for tuna and rice, op-shopping and sleuthing out the uni bar and local pubs for happy hours and drink specials. At least we’ve become super skilled at seeking out a bargain.

Expectation: Having our shit all figured out
Reality: Noooo idea what we’re doing with our lives

In your teenage years, you have so many hopes for your 20-something self. You assume your 20s will be the perfect time for figuring it all out right? Nope, still avoiding it. Maybe you’re unsure whether your degree is right for you or you’re unsure about your chosen career path. Or maybe you’re starting to wonder whether you should ditch this whole uni thing and travel the world instead. The struggle is real.

Expectation: Doing a job we love
Reality: Still working in retail and doing a million unpaid internships

Your first job ever was the actual worst, and you hoped you’d never have to experience that again. But then your 20s creeped up on you and you realised you’re still at uni, you still don’t have experience and you still need money. Instead of landing your dream job at the age of 21, you’ve changed degrees a couple times and you feel like you’ll be working in hospo and studying at uni forever.

Expectation: Partying all the time
Reality: Tired all the time

Our 17-year-olf selves couldn’t wait for the total independence of going out every weekend to party. We figured our lives would be like Sex and the City with constant nights out, cocktails and parties. But who has the money or the energy for that? When Friday finally comes around, we’re so looking forward to a drink or ten to help us forget about our uni woes. But one drink later and we’re already falling asleep…

Expectation: Love life sorted
Reality: lol what love life

We figured that our 20s would be a time for settling down. We thought, 21 is a normal age to get married, right? Oh how wrong we were. Instead of settling down, we’re going on a string of Tinder dates that range from fun to downright cringeworthy. In many ways, we’re pretty glad we got this expectation wrong because the thought of marriage and babies seems like a whole other level of adulting we don’t even want to think about yet. 

Image: Friends official Facebook