What kind of student are you based on your fave Netflix series?

May 31, 2017
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We’ve all been guilty of watching just one more episode before bed and before we know it, it’s already dawn. Since most of us are overloaded with uni work, it can seem like we live our lives vicariously through our Netflix binges. So what kind of uni student are you based on your favourite Netflix series?


Are you self-obsessed? Do you have a misplaced sense of superiority? Are you always running late? Maybe you have more in common with the vintage fashion-loving misfit Sophia than you thought.

Maybe it’s her aspiring self-confidence and her drive that allows her to know exactly what she wants, not letting anything stand in her way. Regardless of her cold exterior, these strong attributes allowed her to become a successful business woman. So maybe you too know how to get the people in your life to turn around and start chasing your red string.

House of Cards

Like the Underwoods, you’re an experienced and self-confident person who knows how to make things go your way. You prefer to work alone but if you're to confide in someone, it will only be your partner in crime who is just as conniving. People respect and fear you. You are first and foremost loyal to yourself and your own ambitions and have no trouble doing what you must to climb the ladder. You are a dominant force not to be reckoned with and people are aware of this.

Orange is the New Black

You consider yourself a distinct person with an interesting background story. Allowing you to fit in perfectly with diverse characters like Piper, Crazy Eyes, Red, Taystee and all the other inmates. When you're out with friends, there's never a dull moment, and rarely an appropriate one either. You have plenty of people who have your back and a few useful connections (like Caputo) to help you out in tricky situations, as you also have your fair share of rivals. You have experimented with everything from relationships, drugs to homemade hooch (maybe). You know that orange is so the new black this winter.


You’re not comfortable in the cosy little bubble you grew up in anymore and you start to realise that there is darkness bubbling under the surface of the colourful wholesome facade around you. Well maybe not darkness and murder, but perhaps you've realised there is more to life than what has been presented to you.

You may have discovered a new calling or found a new aspect to yourself that you did not know before. You don't wait for things to be handed to you, but instead go out there and get your hands dirty in order to get the answers and results you have been longing for. But you still love hanging out with your besties at your local coffee hot spot to share some gossip over milkshakes and burgers.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

So perhaps you weren't rescued from a doomsday cult and have not had to start your life over again in New York City, but like Kimmy, you’re are a person who lives life to the fullest. You have an optimistic approach to life with a child-like sense of wonder. You’re not afraid to fall in and out of love but instead are afraid of missing a new opportunity that will enrich you as you strive to find yourself. You do what makes you happy and you can’t help but pass that happiness on to the people around you.

Designated Survivor

As the title suggests you are a survivor. You are very diplomatic and rise to the opportunities laid before you. You are regarded as a well-mannered person, even though it may take time for people to trust you and realise your full potential. You are surprisingly tough and at times can be ruthless. But this gives you an edge that helps you stay at the top of your game and be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Monique Taylor

Monique is studying a Bachelor of Media with PR & Advertising at UNSW. She is a lover of animals, chocolate and is a travel enthusiast.

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