Weekend activities that are completely booze-free

March 24, 2016
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Whether it’s because your body is one beer away from a total meltdown, or because your wallet is crying from the last of those sweet funds you spent on that extra cheesy burrito to cure your epic hangover, there comes a time in every university student’s life when it’s time to put down your drink and stumble out of the pub into the wide world beyond. But what do you do in this strange new land while still retaining the ability to tell your friends about the awesome weekend you had? Read on for tips on the best places to relax and recharge when you’re in need of a serious alcohol detox.

Take a sketchbook book and visit a museum or art gallery

It’s time to get creative with this one. Even if you’re not even remotely artistically talented, it can still be fun to doodle your way through a gallery that you’ve probably been to multiple times before. Take a mate and have a competition to see who can create the best impression of a particular piece, or go solo and use your sketchbook as a platform to track the differences between different styles of art. By focusing on sketching some of the famous - or even just your favourite – works, you’re forced to understand the composition of the art on a deeper level than just how pretty it’d look on your bedroom wall. You might also be able to pinpoint that something special that makes your favourites your favourites, or maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about art history you never would have guessed.

Grab your mates and go on a picnic

Ah, nature - that thing we often forget when hurrying from class to class or when we’re neck-deep in dense readings. Get back in touch with your natural side and organise a group of your best mates to feast on smelly cheese and store-bought dip as you sit by some wonderful spectacle of nature and enjoy a perfect Sunday afternoon. Whether it’s after trekking through the wilderness to find the perfect spot, or simply finding a green space in the middle of your city, picnicking is an age-old tradition for good reason. Let the conversation and good times flow.

Organise a games afternoon

Remember how fun it was playing Jenga with your family when you were a kid? Take that feeling and add it to a room full of your favourite people as you indulge in a round (or 12) of your politically incorrect card game of choice. Embrace the shenanigans that will most definitely ensue. Cards Against Humanity is always a favourite, but there’s a whole slew of games out there targeted towards almost-adults looking for a hilariously fun time. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not even have a crack at a Dungeons and Dragons campaign? It might just become your squad’s regular weekend afternoon in.

Try and score cheap tickets to a play or a musical

You’ll have to be lucky, but theatre companies often sell remaining seats to a performance at a heavily discounted price, usually just before the production opens. They want a full house, you want cheap tickets, everybody wins. Theatre is a wonderful and wacky world full of creativity, and if you’re willing to take the plunge and check out a few of the smaller theatre companies in your area, you’ll certainly find that a production is worth spending a few precious dollars on. With less pressure to drink than at a concert and more interactivity than a movie, theatre might just be the perfect answer to your alcohol-free activity woes.

Shannon Coward

Shannon Coward is a third year Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Queensland. She enjoys period dramas, doughnuts and a good nap. 

Image: Keith Ellwood, Flickr Creative Commons license