Warning signs you’re dealing with the worst kind of fuckboy

December 14, 2016
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First impressions and Tinder profiles can be deceiving. Meeting a guy you have chemistry with is rare, so if he is a fuckboy in digsuise, you might be blinded as to all the red flags. If you’ve been on a few dates with a guy that displays any of the following traits, be warned – this guy may just be a fuckboy and you may want to stay as far away as possible.

He’s arrogant and actually a bit mean

It’s one thing to tease and diss each other, but when his idea of flirting with you is actually just insulting you, it becomes a lot less fun. Instead of being nice and having a genuine conversation with you, he feels the need to hide behind this arrogant façade that he thinks makes him look cool. Urg.

His idea of a date is having you over for “Netflix and Chill”

You start to wonder if he wants to be seen in public with you. He’s never actually asked you on a date, or asked to see you before 11pm for that matter. He’ll never make the effort to come to yours, or even make the effort to leave his house. He might act like he’s really into you – and he might be. But if his idea of a date is having you over to watch a movie and hook up, that a fuckboy-level of effort that you’re way too good for.

He has no idea what he’s doing with his life and no desire to try

He’s just cruising through life, caring more about getting fucked up every week than caring about his future. He doesn’t have any real ambitions or aspirations. Sure, he might have a respectable job – not all fuckboys are unemployed no-hopers. But it’s just a disguise so he can dress up in a suit and feel like he’s doing something with his life. He’ll probably say that he hates his job and complain about it all the time, but does absolutely nothing to change that.

He calls all his exes ‘crazy’

Classic fuckboy. He’s constantly bad-mouthing girls he’s dated which just so happens to put him in a positive light. If he had an uneasy breakup with a girl, of course she must be crazy. Never believe a fuckboy’s account of his past relationships.

He’ll constantly blow you off

He won’t commit to any concrete plans with you, just so he knows he can cancel without feeling bad about it. If you do finally agree on a time and place, he’ll cancel at the last minute if he has something better on. If he says he has something urgent but then you see him on Snapchat drinking with the boys, get that fuckboy out of your life.

He’ll avoid telling you anything real about himself

His answers are vague and he won’t ask you any questions either. He’s happy to keep the conversation very superficial, which is actually pretty boring. Despite not letting you in to his personal life, he will somehow still make the conversation all about himself. A fuckboy is inherently selfish but has absolutely no idea.

He makes simple things way more complicated than they need to be

He’s the kind of guy who will say ‘I don’t believe in labels’, so he can convince himself that he hasn’t lead you on. He’ll also say this so he can continue to invite you over to hook up while doing this with several other girls at the same time. While it could have been a simple FWB situation, he’s insecure and will say things so you’ll start to fall for him. Dating the right person should be simple, so if it’s not, it might be time to drop that fuckboy.