Want to quit your job? Here's five things you need to do before you leave

February 10, 2017
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Quitting you job can either be a really awkward conversation or a liberating experience. Whether you’re happy or sad about leaving, there are somethings you need to do for yourself before you drop the mic and strut out of there.

Claim what’s yours

When you quit, the last thing you want to do is to keep coming back because you’ve remembered you left some of your things behind. As soon as you start thinking about leaving, gradually start to clear out your locker each shift (obvs packing all your stuff at once will be a bit suss).

If you work in an office, take all your personal files off the company computer and don’t forget any mugs or photos you’ve brought in to personalise your work space. Another reason for this is that you don’t want a resentful work colleague/manager clearing your locker for you, or a sitch where your belongings end up in the bin or used as company property. This will be super awkward when you come back for your things and that bitch Susan is drinking from your work mug.

Be a Positive Polly

Instead of being a Negative Nancy, try focus on the positive experiences you’ve had. If you have any colleagues that have helped you along the way, thank them. Enjoy your last few shifts at work and let it sink in that you won’t have to do this job ever again and you’ll be starting a new adventure.

So every time your boss tells you to clean the toilets or when a shitty customer is giving you hell, you can smile and know that you won’t have to see any of their faces ever again if you don’t want to. Obviously at one point, you saw the appeal of working there. So reconnect with those reasons and remind yourself what you love the most about it. These are good vibes that you can take to your next job.

Plan B

I cannot stress this enough people! Make sure you have a job, interview or some other source of income lined up. Your job may suck, but being unemployed sucks more. And we students need all the cash we can get. Take some time before you quit to hand out your resumes and go job hunting. You will feel a lot better getting rejection emails when you still have a job, rather than feeling more and more desperate when you eventually take any job that is thrown at you. Job hunting while you have a job, allows you to be pickier on where you want to work.

Play nice

It is tempting to tell your boss what you really think of them, especially if you’ve had a bad work experience. However, if a future employer calls up for a reference on you, and on your last day of work you stood up on your desk and told your boss where to shove it, then you probably won’t get a good reference for the job. Thank him/her for the opportunity and say good bye to everyone properly. Life is about networking and you never know when you might need your boss to put in a good word.

Take advantage

Staff benefits and discounts are the only good thing about work. Retails workers usually get pretty good discounts off other stores as well. Remember it takes a while before you can use your new work discounts, so take advantage of what you have before it’s too late!

Sophie Nicolas

Sophie is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

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