Uni students: What people think we do vs what we actually do

March 01, 2017
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Remember the good ol' days of memes that came out in the form of reaction faces like Me Gusta or text over images like Bad Luck Brian? Those were the days, they were simpler times. One of my favourites that did the rounds at one point was the ‘What people think we do’ meme – as a law student, this was way too real. These memes tended to be faculty specific, so we’re here with the revised 2017 edition (now with gifs!) that will be relatable AF to all students. You’re welcome.

What our parents think we do

If you live with your parents, chances are you spend most nights locked up in your bedroom under the pretence of "studying". Your parents couldn’t be prouder – they’ll smugly brag to their friends that you study for at least four hours every night and what a genius you’re turning out to be!

What society thinks we do

According to society, we’re all dole-bludgers cashing in our Youth Allowance payments for avocado on toast for $22 a pop. Rather than thinking we’re studious like our parents like to believe, society is a bit more cynical about us – they see us as a generation who are glued to our phones and think we're lazy, have a sense of entitlement, blah blah blah.

What our lecturers think we do

Your lecturers can just envision you now: you’ve decided to stay back at the library and do the extra readings for their subject (because although they don’t like to say it, their subject is obviously the best and should be put first). Once you’ve nailed your answers for the weekly tutorial questions, you’ll go on to the optional readings because you just can’t get enough!

What we think we do

What do we think? We’ve totally got this shit sorted. We tell ourselves at the start of sem that we’re actually going to go to our lectures and get our assignments started early. We make a pact to ourselves that this is the sem we nail it with back-to-back HDs. And while we’re killing it at uni life, why not kill it at life in general? Time to start that diet and budget on Monday – you'll be rich and the human embodiment of #healthspo by the end of the year.

What we actually do

The reality looks pretty different. While our parents think we’re being studious, for the majority of sem we’re locked in our room watching Netflix. The reason we can dispel fun facts about Queen Elizabeth II isn’t because we’ve been honing up for our history elective, its cause we’ve been binge-watching The Crown. This is only likely to change the night before an exam – and even then we’re hoeing into a block of chocolate and crying, rather than actually doing work.

Optional readings? You’ll be lucky if we even make it to the lecture. But do we have all these ambitions to kill it this sem? Of course! Do we actually? Eh… 

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