Uni life feels only second-year students can relate to

April 08, 2016
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Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we, because the title says it all.

Started from the bottom and now we’re a little bit above it

You’ve conquered and survived first-year, and returned to uni with your head held high because you’re no longer a JAFFY. No more constant JAFFY jokes or feeling self-conscious when you ask for help -- that period of your life is over.



Am I cool yet? 

You’re not a first-year anymore, but you’re not exactly a third or fourth. You don’t want to come off like a cocky year eight student, but you still want to have some fun with all the JAFFY jokes. It’s a thin line. Maybe you’ll just keep the jokes to a minimum -- at least until second semester. 

Did I really look that keen?

You begin to notice a huge difference between first and second-years, and it’s not the age that gets you -- it’s how alive they look. There’s just something about their faces. Like, even though they just went through the hell of studying for VCE/HSC/OP scores, they still look so passionate.

I feel old

You really do, even though there’s only a one-year gap between you and them -- sometimes even less if you’re like me and you were born just before the cut-off date, which technically puts you in their year. Yet, somehow, you still feel like there’s a canyon of an age gap between you, filled to the brim with everything you learnt (academically or otherwise) in first-year.

Wait, how many years do I have left?

Everything was a blur in first-year, but honestly, it’s first-year. You haven’t given a thought to graduation or how many uni years you have remaining. There’s no way you even considered that in two short years you could be waking up and going to work – real-life, adult work – paying bills and all that.

Time to get my shit together!

You freak out a little and look at your calendar. It’s week three and you already have a few assignments lined up. And unlike last year, you’re not going to leave them until the last minute. You remember the stress you put yourself through and refuse to do that to yourself again. You decide to cut down on the drinking and partying, saving that sacred Wild Friday Night to get started on that assignment.

Should I take this more seriously?

You seriously consider changing your work ethic, promising yourself that you won’t get any more Passes -- only Credits and above. You’ve got to make every year count now and do whatever it takes to land a job, because money.


Still feeling as ambitious as Claire Underwood, you actually open up your weekly uni emails labelled “Internships” and read all the descriptions. You note the hours required, the grades and the commitment necessary.

A little bit of stress creeps in and you realise…

You know what? I’m still a JAFFY at heart

Eh, it’s only second-year. First semester of second year, to be precise. There’s nothing to worry about, you’ve still got plenty of time, and so what if you still get lost around campus? No big deal. And even if you leave that assignment till the very last minute, you love to hate a heavily caffeinated midnight challenge. 

You’ll worry about everything next semester. 

Steffanie Tan

Steffanie is studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University.

Image: Francisco OsorioFlickr Creative Commons license