Uni life explained by Pokemon Go

July 11, 2016
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For those familiar with the phrase “Gotta catch ’em all!” the release of Pokemon Go got you very excited (and potentially very nostalgic). But for those who’ve absolutely no idea what the hell Pokemon is (let alone Pokemon Go), let us start with a simple vid:

This is Pokemon’s first dip into augmented reality and combines all the things we love about the game like the aim of catching the entire Pokedex, training the chosen ones in Gym Battles and Wild Battles while also using cool items you don’t find elsewhere.

And since this is AR and you’re playing on your phone, just be careful where you walk. Because walking straight into a pole is more painful than not catching that Clefairy. Just saying.

Further, we reckon there are a slew of Pokémon Go moments that perfectly describe uni life. Here’s four of the best:

Joining a team after hitting level five = finding your #unisquad

This, my friends, is akin to what you’d call your #unisquad, right? Right. Once you reach level 5 you can assign Pokenmon to an open Gym or to a Gym where team members have placed their own Pokemon. Training Pokemon at these gyms can increase your prestige, but be warned – the competition is tough so battle wisely.

At uni, it’s the same thing – it’s about finding your tribe. The more friends, the higher the prestige. Or something like that. But when your #unisquad king leaves or your mates graduate it’s like having to find a crew all over again. Uh, life sucks doesn’t it?

Pokemon Go walks = group fitness at uni

Uni life for a lot of people: car, lecture, tute, coffee, lunch, more coffee, car, repeat. Not much room for fitness it seems. Take some inspiration from Pokemon Go, then, which seems to have given rise to a whole new form of group fitness AKA walking around to cool hiding spots and collecting Pokéballs. Keep safe when foraging for Pokemon, however. You couldn’t want to make the same nasty discovery as this teenage girl did when searching for Pokemon in Riverton Wyoming.

And people are also organising Pokemon Go walks! Think team colours, bandanas and Poke Stop recommendations and you’ve got the right idea.

Not wanting to be the noob of the group = keeping up with #squadgoals

No one wants to be at the lowest level of their squad. Just like Pokemon Go, you’ll need to level up to hit higher levels. This means hitting the books and putting in some decent study time.

And hitting higher levels/uni grades isn’t just going to come to you – the higher the level the better equipped you’re going to need to be with Pokeballs and Gym access.

Playing Pokemon Go without moving from the couch = Netflix and chill binges

You can even play Pokemon Go without moving AKA binge on it while sprawled across your couch. I’m not going to live, however, it may not be Orange Is The New Black, but at least it’s pretty fun.

So if you haven’t already given it a go, get on it. It’s a lot of fun and just for the record, I’ve just reached level 5.

Hans Lee

Hans Lee is a Commerce/Arts student at Macquarie University. You can hear his production and news work Friday mornings on 2SER FM in Sydney or follow his blog Notes to Society on Tumblr. His Pokemon Go nickname is ‘hanspokemon’.