Twenty things you’re too old to still be doing in your 20s

May 05, 2017
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Everyone makes a big deal about turning 18, yet you’re still a teenager, able to get away with all the things teens can get away with. Once you hit your 20s, there’s no excuse for still doing the things that you’ll probably look back and cringe at in just a couple of years’ time. Just a disclaimer: some of these things are not exactly acceptable when you’re in your teens either, which makes it all the more worse if you continue to do them.

Letting your bank account dwindle down to single digits

I’m not saying you should have enough savings for a house deposit. But if you’re still unable to save even a small nest egg, your 20s are going to be a real struggle.

Going to that night club which is known for being a ‘teen’ nightclub

You know the one – it has a reputation for letting in under 18s. You know you’re too old to be there.

Making an important decision based on what your friend is doing

Like choosing what uni you were attending based on where your friends were going, or worse, choosing a specific degree to be in the same course as your friend. It wasn’t a good decision back then and it’s not a good decision now.

Wearing Jay Jays or Supre clothing

Sorry fam, you’re above the age demo now.

Celebrating monthly anniversaries

It’s totally unnecessary to celebrate weekly or monthly anniversaries, please stop. Leave it to annual celebrations.

Shots that have names like ‘Quick Fuck’

Add that to the repertoire of other drinks you’re too old to be drinking in your 20s i.e. Cruisers, goon etc.

Bragging about doing drugs

No one thinks you’re cool for doing MDMA, chill out.

Sleeping in a single bed

I'll admit I’m guilty of this one…

Being mad at someone and not telling them

At this stage, you shouldn’t let bad feelings simmer and come out at the worst possible time. If you’re upset with someone, talk to them about it. It’s uncomfortable, but it has to be done.

Skipping breakfast

How long have you been told it’s the most important meal of the day? This also includes counting coffee or sugary cereals as breakfast.

Holding on to toxic friendships or relationships

If you know it’s bad for you, it’s time to cut those ties.

Avoiding time with your family

It’s fair enough if, as a teenager, you think doing stuff with your family is the absolute worst. But in your 20s, you should be over that. If you don’t live with your parents, that’s all the more reason to make time for them.

Being a keyboard warrior

It’s also not cool to hide behind your keyboard and make someone feel bad via an anonymous Tumblr post or to random strangers on Facebook comments. Be the bigger person.

Not having any hobbies

Your teenage years were the time to figure out what you like and don’t like – and no, TV does not count as a hobby.

The drunk trifecta of Thursday, Friday and Saturday night

You’re too old for that shit. If you still drink excessively three nights in a row, your health can’t be all that great.

Eating Maccas at least once a week

…this can be hard if you're getting drunk three times a week. But doing this is also not doing your health any favours.

Risking sex without contraception

Please note, this is NEVER acceptable. But if your foolish teenage self thought pulling out was a good idea, stop that rn.

Posting self-pity statuses

You know the ones – the statements that are super vague and depressing so people comment under it like “What’s wrong hun? Xxx”. If you’re feeling upset or down, posting a status for attention isn’t really going to help you.

Not knowing how to cook anything more than two-minute noodles

You’re in your 20s – stirfrys aren’t that hard.

Ignoring your future

If you’re in a rut and don’t know what you want to do with your life, it’s time to suss out your options and at least give some thought to it. You might not figure it out right away, but trying a few things will help. Putting it off and doing nothing, however, will not help in the slightest.