This is what your #unilife looks like in memes

March 16, 2015
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Over your time at university you might think that your experiences are individually catered to you and you only. The truth is, we’re all in the same boat and we can pretty much assume that at some point we’ve all spent our last $20 on goon and Pringles or accidentally called our tutor a ‘prick’ out loud.

That’s the thing about uni, our experiences are often universal. And this is what our #unilife experience look like in memes.

Professors tend to take on the form of hairy, unkempt bee keepers. Male professors will often sport a five o’clock shadow, dressed head to toe in kaki, while female professors tend to opt for an outfit more appropriate for the late ’80s. Not that fashion is important here, it’s their minds we want them for, right?

Mention the word ‘Centrelink’ and you’ll hear the universal groan of students nation-wide. Some people will be lucky enough to get it, while the rest of us are left scraping the barrel for food scraps and cheap wine.

We’re all at uni to get a degree, at least that’s what we tell our parents. The truth of the matter is, we’re here to test the boundaries of our morals, livers and social status. If the lecturer is going to put the slides online, they can forget about seeing any of us for the rest of the term. We’ll be too busy sitting in the sun drinking tequila sunrises thank you.

This is pretty much all of us anytime we’re asked to do something under pressure. We can babble on for days about the systematic introduction to normative ethics versus meta-ethics, but the second we’re asked to write about it with some sort of time restriction, shit hits the fan and we forget our basic Englesh skillz.

Arseholes. We know you do this on purpose. It’s some kind of sick game you play with us. Fill our brains will all kinds of unnecessary shit for eight weeks and then base your whole test on a casual discussion we had in the intro lecture of week one.

This is just an employer’s way of telling you that they don’t want to give you a job, without having to actually say that. They’ll just set the standards unreasonably high to discourage us lowly students from applying. Then, after graduation, when we are ready to go into the real world and apply for jobs our resumes read something like this, “Can skull a beer in under twenty seconds.”

Kate Neilson

Kate Neilson is a second year journalism student at CSU in Bathurst. She likes to unwind with a nice cup of tea and enjoys making lists. She's still figuring out what she wants to be when she grows up.