Things you'll stop doing after your first year of uni

April 11, 2017
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Your first year of uni is bound to bring you a whole lot of different experiences. While it’s more relaxed than your high school years, you soon realise bad habits that you developed in first year should stop in first year.

Dressing like you’re at a fashion show

While it’s important to suit up for an important assessment or to feel good about yourself, ask yourself if the way you’re dressing is actually uncomfortable. If you find it tiring after a while to walk around campus in high heels, then give them a miss.

Acting like you’re back in high school

People will judge you if you still keep the high school mentality after first year. Yes, you are in a different environment and uni is a new place, but keep the drama and the attitude you had in high school, in high school.

Being afraid to do things

Whether it’s asking a question in a tute or joining a club, you’ll stop being afraid after first year. If you keep on being afraid of doing these things, not only will this hinder your uni experience, but also your grades when you take on harder classes.

“I’ll keep in touch…”

If you’ve met some golden people in your tutes, you’ll have to make an effort to see them. Unlike in high school where you have the same timetable five days a week for six years, in uni your timetable will change every semester. Soon, you won’t see those legendary people anymore. Get their Facebook or better yet, their number.

“I’ll get that internship later…”

If you put off internship or exchange opportunities in your first year, that’s understandable. But in later years if you continue to put it off, you’ll get in the habit of not pursuing fabulous opportunities for your uni career. It’s never too early to either start thinking about it or applying, so get on it.

Saving money

While we promise ourselves to save up for something special, we don’t learn in first year. Get a jar, throw your spare change in it and at the end of the month, put it in your bank account. Most banks will have accounts where they add interest if you deposit a certain amount each month. Get saving for a rainy day.

Never using uni facilities

You may think it’s nerdy studying at the library, but using these facilities are great. It makes you more motivated and you are paying for their existence, so why not start using them.

Buying textbooks before classes start

Rookie mistake. Wait and see if it goes down in price or if there are second-hand bookstores selling it cheaper. Better yet, find out if you need it at all – the library will probably have copies if you only need to use it for one assignment.

Sinead Simpkins

Sinead studies Master of Arts at University of New England. When she is not studying she is still waiting for her Hogwarts letter.

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