These are the five worst parts of uni life we have to endure

May 11, 2017
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We’re all familiar with the perks of student life – short weeks and short days that are made even shorter by non-compulsory lectures. Student discounts and the possibility of naps on a weekday also make it pretty sweet. But then there’s the parts of student life we defs didn’t sign up for – these are the worst parts of uni life we unforch have to deal with.

Internships where you’re either doing coffee runs or a full-time employee’s job

If you’ve found an internship where you actually get to learn proper skills and put those skills into action, that’s a rare and wonderful thing. So many internships out there are either going to use you as unpaid labour or leave you bored out of your brain while your main responsibility is taking everyone’s sandwich orders. Getting the internship is hard enough – you have to jump through hoops and need to have experience if you want to gain experience. Argh, seriously? It’s hard to say no, even if it’s unpaid and at times, totally unfair.

The stress of managing the uni-work-social-sleep balance

There’s a fun graph on the internet that’s a little too relatable – when it comes to good grades, a social life and enough sleep, you can only choose two. You can’t have it all. Want good grades and a social life? No sleep for you! Want sleep and good grades? Say goodbye to those friends while you go into semester one hibernation! Most of your uni years will be completely sleep-deprived and during exam time, also deprived of the social time that makes uni life worthwhile.

Group assignments

Not that regular assignments and exams are a picnic, but there’s a special groan you reserve only when you’ve found out this subject has a 40 per cent group assignment. It’s because you know the normal stress of an assignment is made 100 times worse when you have incompetent group members who don't want to contribute, or worse, submit something that's incorrect and possibly plagiarised. Best case scenario is you have one dud in the group, but worst case scenario would be getting placed in the world’s worst group where you’ll have to do the equivalent of five people’s workloads in one evening.

When the only paid work you’re qualified for is retail or hospitality

It’s hard enough post-graduation, let alone trying to find someone to pay you for your chosen field when you’re still a student. That means if you want to (barely) afford the student life essentials of rent, food and public transport, you’re going to need to slum it in a retail or hospo job for a bit. Some might argue you learn “valuable teamwork skills” at these jobs, and you’ll definitely put it down as a skill on your resume. But all you really learn is how to manage your anger and contain yourself from yelling at a customer.

Being broke AF for 3+ years

The number one student struggle – the broke AF struggle. If your uni schedule only allows you to work two or three days a week, it makes it hard to afford the essentials, let alone the fun stuff. To keep your sanity, you give yourself the occasional splurge on a night out drinking or avo on toast, before spending the next week surviving off of nothing but mie goreng. And they expect us to pay $100 plus for a textbook? Not happening.

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