The weirdest accommodation from around the world

June 29, 2016
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As a student, travelling and #wanderlust are always on our minds. Our lives become consumed by the thought of seeing what is outside our backyard and we constantly have the urge to explore our adventurous side, beyond seeing how many goon sacks we can stomach before we don’t get let into the club. Luckily, there are many (almost too many) fkn strange accommodation options from around the world that you may want to check out.

Sydney’s (!!!) up-and-coming capsule hotel

Look, for all those Sydney-siders out there, you’ll know that Bar Century was a staple in funding our need for a few too many beers - $3 for beers, wines and house spirits ALL THE TIME!!! However, we said goodbye to our dearly beloved earlier this year and a lot of us are now wondering what will be placed there instead.

Well, as of this week, it was announced that we’re borrowing an idea from our friends in Japan by getting a capsule hotel. For those who don’t know, capsule hotels are like morgues except you’re not dead and this is Australia’s first. The preliminary plans are looking pretty shit hot tbh – two bar levels, a nightclub, 72 different capsules ranging in size that all come with Wi-Fi, mood lighting (capsule for two, anyone?) and a secure enclosure. All of this for prices as low as $40. It’s like a hostel minus the threat of jungle rot.

Sweden’s mirror cube hotel (because who doesn’t love losing their accommodation)

Sweden is ahead of the times in a lot of ways. However, this mirror cube hotel is straight up ridiculous. Placed smack bang in the middle of the woods, the 4x4x4 cube is covered with reflective walls that apparently have some sort of ultraviolet dealy that only birds can see so you don’t have to worry about them flying into the side of your bed. Of course, it’s gonna set you back a hot dollar – multiplied by 700 – but the experience is surely enough to sell you. It even has Wi-Fi because lord knows you are going to want to gram the HELL out of this.

This salt hotel in Bolivia (in case your cholesterol wasn’t high enough)

Palacio de Sal, which my very limited knowledge of Spanish assumes translates to “Palace of Salt”, exists for some reason. I’m not sure why someone thought to build a hotel out of sodium chloride, but if you’re one of those folk who have an internal moment of glory when Maccas chucks some extra salt on your fries, then this one is for you. But literally everything is made of salt – walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, the works. What are the odds you’ll lick the walls on arrival?

This old Latvian Military Prison which just screams inviting

I was weirdly expecting to not sleep in a solitary, sub-zero temperature prison cell on my world travels. I’m so glad Latvia have FINALLY taken care of that worry. Can you say “comfortable”?

Das Park hotel in Austria

Das Park hotel sounds normal right? Well, it’s actually old sewerage pipes converted into bedrooms. Because why the fuck not? This “pay-as-you-wish” hospitality – AKA you can get away with paying a dollar for a night here – puts a new spin on shitty accommodation and allows for me to make shitty puns.

This airplane-turned-B&B in the Netherlands

Do you know what I really feel like doing after a 24 hour flight to Europe, with no leg room, a three hour sleep (if I’m lucky) and old mate next to me snoring his guts off? I feel like reliving the entire nightmare in an ersatz bedroom that was made inside of a plane.

Finally, this dog-shaped inn in Idaho

God bless America.

Jackson Langford

Jackson is studying a Bachelor of Communication degree at the University of Newcastle and is the rightful heir to the throne.

Image: Treehotel official Facebook page