The uni life struggles that every student can relate to

June 08, 2017
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It’s that time of semester again – the time when we question why we’re torturing ourselves and seriously consider dropping out. But exams aren’t the only problem we encounter as students. While this is an intense period of stress, these are the struggles we have to unfortunately deal with all year round.

The uni-work-internship-social life balance

We’re expected to get straight HDs, earn enough money from out part-time jobs, try out a bunch of different internships and maintain a social life. And they expect us to sleep at the same time?!

The “What are you going to do after graduation?” question

Thank you for your concern family and relatives who seem to ask this question every single time we see each other. No I haven’t figured it out from the last time we spoke but everything’s fine *muffled tears*.

“You need at least five years’ experience to apply for this entry level junior position.”

Who are these people with five years' of experience applying for the only roles we’re qualified for?!

“You need at least two years’ experience for this unpaid internship.”

So you’re telling me I need to get experience before I can get experience... Urgghhhh.

When you have five assignments due in the same week

Lulled into a false sense of security by a few weeks free of assignments, it all comes crashing down in that one week. Cue the mental breakdown(s).

The internal struggle of wanting to be healthy but being too poor…

We’re money poor and we’re time poor, so it’s not clear how we’re supposed to afford an organic healthy diet and exercise every single day. There’s no time (or funds) for meal prep – exam time means it’s alternating between two-minute noodles and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Trying to enrol in classes when the website crashes

Every. Damn. Year.

Being on hold with Centrelink

You've done it so often you can now predict which classical song is going to come next. Not surprisingly, the classical music doesn’t soothe your nerves when you’ve been told your payment has been cut…

Trying to figure out how to be a proper functioning adult

Spoiler alert: not going to happen any time soon.

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