The unexpected bonuses of moving out of home

January 31, 2017
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When it comes to flying the nest, students tend to fall into two categories. First, there are those who are just busting to bust out. The rest is all of those who are too snuggle-uggled up in the umbilical cord. Regardless, for most of us, the day will come.

Being able to do you

If you’ve got the kind of parent/s that are cool with you going out or simply doing your own thing wherever, whenever, don’t ever take that for granted. Never leave! However, most aren’t. Having friends over, eating cereal for dinner, sleeping ‘til noon, studying all night, on and on it goes – and always the drama. Now, you can entertain as you wish, organise your life the way you want it and even (if you’ve got a bit of cash stashed away) decorate your space. #Dreams.

Food feud

No more guilty dinners. You know those dinners that you have to force yourself to eat because someone loves you enough to make that for you and you’re just sitting there with a mouth full of gross, spewing lies that you love it. Gone baby! Cereal and mi goring with peanut butter for days!

Judgement-free living

Judgement-free couch naps, untidy rooms, stinky clothes, no clothes, drinking out of a baked beans can because washing glasses is for suckers. This is the life!

Of course all this is ruined if you live in a share house. Sorry...

All the sexy times

This is such a weird and difficult subject for both parents and children. Some households will have a hard and fast (no pun intended) “Not under my roof” policy. Others are cool, but most will probably have a huge list of conditions attached to it. Either way, it’s weird and awkward, whether you’re open about it or super sneaky. Being out of home makes the treacherous terrain of bringing someone home far less complicated.

Fewer generational debates

Errggghhhh. It’s like every time I see any family member that isn’t my age, it starts. Pointing out the simple flaw in their logic of “Things have changed since I was your age” and “When I was your age I had a house/car/marriage/degree/full-time job/pet/avocado” just leads to quiet, muffled tears in the laundry. They’re just jealous because we’re young and beautiful. But it is one of my favourite things about no longer living at home. Sorry, Mum.


When you’re living with parents, alcohol can often be a bit of a tricky issue. Legally, you’re allowed to drink but unless it’s some sort of pre-approved social occasion, you get a bit of a side-eye judge as you sip your third glass of wine. Living out of that shade, one can imbibe as much as one pleases, be it beer, whisky or giant fishbowl cocktail with streamers and sparklers.

Annabel Sweetnam-Groom.

Annabel is a Journalism graduate who is completing her Law and Criminology degrees and a Modern History minor at Murdoch. She enjoys whisky, pizza and sleeping.

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