The undeniable facts about commuting to uni

May 04, 2017
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After the first few weeks of whimsically staring out the window, watching the industrial estates fly by, all commuters tend to fall into the same daily slump. After a businessman squeezes you into the corner of your seat with his man-spreading or a dude listens to trap music without headphones in the quiet carriage, catching the train to uni tends to lose its romanticism. From then on, you tend to notice undeniable truths of what it means to commute.

You don’t exist to your uni friends after 6ish

Unless you want to be the only person on the creepy night train on those final couple of stops, socialising has a cut off time. The bright side is you always have the perfect excuse for staying in bed.

People have no sense of distance

Whenever you tell somebody where you commute from, you get one of two responses. They either think you drive/train across halfway across the country to get to uni, or they’ll think your daily commute complaints are unjustified and you’re just around the corner, based off that one time they drove through your hometown. Tricking people about how far you travel can always be fun though.

You step off the train looking like you’ve come from the Arctic or Hell

Train air conditioning it either set to freezing or doesn’t exist. Changing modes of transport can also mean changing half your outfit just to adapt to the conditions.

What is Wi-Fi?

If you’re lucky, you have a golden five-minute window of public Wi-Fi before you go over the tiny quota. If the world really wants you to suffer, you’ll have to travel through the middle of nowhere and your data won’t work either.

Your phone is filled with obscure free puzzle games

If it doesn’t require Wi-Fi, you’ve tried it. You’ve probably got a top score on at least one app.

You know the latest office fashion trends

You generally commute at the same time as all the business people going into the city, so while you always look underdressed, you’re going to rock the latest office fashion trends at your next internship.

Everybody hates public transport, but you deserve to hate it more

Listening to local students complain about public transport being late or their 10-minute bus ride has become a sport to you.

You always feel justified in showing up to class late

Despite taking the early train in week one to get there on time, you tell yourself it’s an accomplishment to even show up to class if you commute, especially on a Monday morning. You can walk into that lecture hall 15 minutes late with your head held high.

There are others

You eventually start to recognise the other students who commute to uni. Despite probably not knowing them, you still have a bond with them over your mutual public transport use.

Jessamy Tredinnick

Jessamy is a QUT Bachelor of Journalism (advertising major) student. She is partial to cats, artsy-fartsy films, travelling, bubble baths, autobiographies and mulled wine.

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