The ultimate study playlist that will help you slay exam prep

November 02, 2016
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Exams are just around the corner so it's go time. We've teamed up with Crust Pizza to get you pumped about slaying exam prep.


If you haven't started studying for final exams, it’s probably because you’re imagining the intense boredom that awaits you. But armed with the right playlist, study doesn’t have to be so painful. Hijacked has got you covered with the ultimate study playlist that will motivate you to power through those readings and de-stress in time for exams.

Feels Like – Peking Duk

If we could choose one DJ to get us through the exam period, it would be Peking Duk. This song reminds us that there’s still sunshine and happiness in the world outside and we will get through this. Need a productive study break? We suggest learning the dance routine from the music video.

Are We Ready? (Wreck) – Two Door Cinema Club

No we’re not ready to face exams and yes, we do feel like total wrecks. Maybe that’s why we need this song  our exam prep playlist, it’s just so damn relatable (“We’ve lost our minds! We’ve lost our memory!”) Despite the lyrics, the music is so uplifting and you’ll probs end up typing to the tune of that upbeat tempo.

Cream on Chrome – Ratatat

For those of you who find lyrics too distracting, Ratatat is for you. This instrumental is far from boring – there’s a reason why it landed in last year’s Triple J Hottest 100 countdown. Despite the lack of lyrics, this is one of the most motivational songs that will help kick your butt into action. You’d be forgiven if you just wanted to listen to this song on repeat, but if you're looking for more songs like this, their album Magnifique is filled with even more uplifting instrumentals.

Claire de Lune – Flight Facilities

If you find studying to be stressful AF, you might need some chiller songs for your mix. Resembling a lullaby with simple lyrics, this is the best song for anyone who needs a bit of de-stressing. Take a deep breath in, press play and let the good vibes flow.

Finally Moving – Pretty Lights

Another great song for chilling out, the lack of lyrics also make this the perfect addition to any study playlist. Finally moving towards those study notes? Super appropriate for your playlist.

Watch Out For This (Bumaye) – Major Lazer

Need to get the heart pumping to smash out those final notes? A little bit of old school Major Lazer should do the trick. If you’re feeling a bit low, this song is an instant pick-me-up – but watch out, it may incite you to start shaking and dancing away from the books…


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