The toxic relationship habits you need to stop

June 08, 2017
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If you’re in your happy bubble of a relationship, sometimes you can be blissfully ignorant to the unhealthy habits you’re forming with each other. You might not necessarily be in a toxic relationship, but if you continue to commit bad habits it might end up being one. Take note of these unhealthy rship habits and make sure you avoid at all costs.

Holding onto things and bringing them up mid-fight

If your SO has done something to upset your or annoy you, it can be hard to bring it up with them. Confrontation is never fun, let alone with someone you’re dating. But if you ignore it, push it away and don’t acknowledge it, it’ll end up re-surfacing later and it’ll be a lot worse. If your partner doesn’t know about it, they won’t know how to fix it – and chances are they won’t be too happy if you bring it up in the context of “Well remember when you did this random thing six weeks ago?”

Snooping through their social media

Let’s be real, the innocent Facebook stalk is inevitable when you first start dating and you’re only curious to find out more about the other person. But when you’ve been dating for a while, checking up on their activities online shows you don’t really trust them. Even worse than checking up on their public profile, if you know their account details and look through their personal messages, this is a bad bad idea that not only invades their privacy, but will no doubt cause major problems.

You only spend time with each other

This seemingly innocent habit is actually likely to impact negatively on your relationship. It’s nice if you want to see each other all the time, but unhealthy if you have to see each other all the time. Spending nights apart with other friends is healthy – you don’t want to be known as that friend who disappears off the face off the earth every time they’re in a relationship. You can benefit from space and some time apart.

Passing off jealousy as affection

It might look a little something like this: you might have a friend of the opposite sex who you’ve become close to (or same sex depending on what you’re into). Maybe they tag you a lot in memes or comment with compliments on your photos. Or maybe you just text each other a lot. If your partner starts to questions this or get jealous about how much you talk, this isn’t a good sign. Don't be fooled into thinking "It's just because he/she cares about me." Much like snooping, it shows a lack of trust if they can’t let you have friendships of the opposite sex.

Being passive aggressive instead of open

If something’s bothering you, the next worse thing after ignoring it is being passive aggressive about it. It’s never going to help whatever issue you’re having and will only lead to hostility. Be open and honest and discuss when things need to change, rather than making snide comments or sending pass-agg messages. Also, if they ask you what’s wrong and something is actually wrong, the worse response is “I’m fine”.

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