The struggles you didn’t expect to experience as a twenty-something

April 13, 2017
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As a teenager, it’s almost expected you’re going to have your fair amount of struggles. When you hit 18, you get a few more struggles and adult responsibilities under your belt, but you assume your 20s will be a breeze – that’s when you will have it all figured out and you’ll be your best self, having the best of both worlds of being young and an adult at the same time. Boy, were we wrong. Turns out our teenage selves and twenty-something selves are both on Struggle Street.

Having less than $20 in your account until pay day

When you were 18, $100 was a lot of money. To this day, it’s still a lot of money – except the difference now is it doesn’t go very far. You only earn slightly more now, yet somehow you have so many more expenses popping up. You countdown to every pay day and live off toast for lunch, seeing as you don’t even have enough funds to get money from the ATM. You thought those stingy days were behind you in your teenage years, but unfortunately they’ve continued.

Pimples are still a thing in your 20s

Ummm, not cool body. Pimples and acne were supposed to be a teenage puberty thing, so why the fuck am I still getting them now?! You wonder why you’re still getting ID’d by bouncers, then you remember your pimply, pubescent face and it all makes sense.

Not having it all figured out yet

Just picked a random degree and hoped things would sort itself out from there? You’re not alone. Or worse, you’ve picked a degree and realised it’s totally wrong for you, but have no idea what else you’d possible want to do. Huh. Your teenage self defs thought you’d have your shit sorted by now. But you’re not the only twenty-something who hasn’t got their life figured out just yet.

Your metabolism slows way down and you have to actually think about your health

Oh what you wouldn’t give to have your invincible teenage body back again. Enter a way slower metabolism and then you really have to start re-thinking your diet choices. As much as you’d love to keep putting off the gym forever, you should probs think of your health and sign up. Or just go for a run and consider adding some fruit and vegetables into the mix.

Choosing a career for the love it or for the money

Although it won’t be a struggle for everyone, it’ll be a struggle for a lot of you. It's a tough decision between doing what you love and making peanuts or going down the route of what’s going to make you a lot more money. In some cases the debate is fair enough; if you’re a struggling artist, you might want to have a career in something more stable and leave the art for your side hustle.

And maybe it means slugging it out at something you hate, knowing you’ll get to do what you love after that. Regardless, the job struggle is real for most of us when we’ve done a million internships, but employers still want three to five years’ experience for a junior entry-level job. URG.