The social media dating trends we could do without tbh

May 18, 2017
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In a world where dating apps have become one of the most common and accepted ways to find a prospective partner, it shouldn’t be a surprise that shitty online dating trends have become a thing. You’ve probs heard of breadcrumbing and ghosting, which are basically terms to describe the shit behaviour that has been happening for centuries in the dating world (we assume). But these are the dating trends that were born with social media, and we hope will soon die there too.

Deep like

This trend can exist on pretty much any social media platform, but Facey and Insta are probs where it most commonly happens. It involves a person going deep back through your news feed – we’re talking years ago to when you first started posting. And why the hell are people are doing this? Maybs to hint that they’re interested and that they dig your 2011 ponytails.

If this is intentional, it’s because they know you’ll see the notification but no one else is likely to. If it’s not intentional, then it’s something most of us have terrifyingly done before, which is stalking a new interest and finding out every single detail you can until, oops, you’ve accidently liked a picture of their high school graduation photo from years ago. Awkward. This is fairly harmless if it’s accidental, but also a bit creepy and stalkerish. Not that we haven’t all been there…

Slide into the DMs

Although the origins of this phrase are unclear, most of us would have heard this term by now. And it’s pretty self-explanatory – it’s the initiation of a direct message when you’re interested in dating someone. It’s the smooth transition from simple Instagram follower/Facebook friend /Twitter follower to someone who’s all up in those ever-important DMs.

My main issue with this dating trend is the sole purpose it’s used for, which according to Urban Dictionary, is “with the hopes of acquiring the booty”. Also, it’s a pretty bland way to start a relationship. When your future kids are asking how you both met, do you really want to respond with “Well kids, it all started when I slid into her DMs…”


Notice a spooky theme in dating trends? Unlike ghosting, haunting happens after a relationship has ended. It’s when you see your ex silently lurking across all your social media channels – they’ll watch your Snap stories and like your Insta or Facebook photos, but they never comment or speak to you. They want to remind you they’re still in your life, without the threat of IRL stalking. Like all the ominous social media trends, haunting can be innocent, but tread with caution. There’s always an ulterior motive behind the haunting.

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