The seven stages of the post-uni job search

January 30, 2017
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If you’ve recently graduated or waltzed out of your last exam ever with literally zero fucks given, a big congrats to you. Welcome to the post-uni world of adulting and searching for “proper” jobs. While you may never have to touch another dreary assignment or study for another stressful exam, that doesn’t mean the nights of being glued to your laptop are over. Enter the post-grad job search.

Denial: Ignoring your post-grad responsibilities until later…

If you’re still in summer holiday mode, you may be putting off that job search until later. You’ve definitely earned a break, and it’s hard to get started when all your friends are making the most of their summer holidays at the beach. You may as well join them in enjoying that free time and crack down on the job search later.

Shock: Disbelief at the total lack of jobs out there

You probably imagined scoring that first interview would be easy, and the hard part would be choosing the perfect interview outfit. But when your search results yield nothing and you have to broaden your search further and further, you literally can’t believe how few jobs there are for psot-grads with less than a year of real-job experience. I mean, your parents, uni lecturers, friends and the media all warned you about this, but you’re still shocked all the same. You didn’t want to believe them, but here you are.

Bargaining: Negotiating with anyone you’ve interned for to give you a full-time gig

You look back over your internship experience and strike up a convo with every manager and employer you’ve interned for. If you’re currently in an internship, you start throwing around the idea of getting paid to do the work you’re doing, or start asking about upcoming roles. Enter the sucking-up stage where you grovel towards anyone with connections to share any opportunities they know of.

Guilt: Wishing you’d been a bit more prepared

You start to question yourself, double guessing whether you should’ve started your job search earlier, or even got a bit more experience under your belt. You at least wish you’d saved a bit more money from your part-time job to you through the desolate months you’ll spend job searching.

Anger: Getting really mad…

“This is everyone else’s fault but my own!” You scream as you throw your laptop to the ground. OK, maybe you’re not that dramatic, but you’re probs frustrated by the lack of opportunities going around and the amount of rejections you’re receiving. Take a deep breath fam, you can get through this.

Depression: The moment you realise you might be poor AF forevs.

After another hopeless day of job applications with no follow-up emails from potential employers, you might start to sink into a bit of a slump. You’re not sure you’ll ever be able to leave your shitty part-time job and enter the real world without a proper job. Instead of upgrading from your dodgy student accommodation and improving your terrible student diet, you still feel stuck in student mode.

Hope: Accepting that it'll be hard, but hopeful you’ll find something

There will come a time where job hunting won’t seem all so bad. Maybe you won’t get a call back from an interview, but for every failed interview or rejected application, there’s a lesson learned on what not to do next time. Instead of having high expectations about the title and pay of your job, you’ll lower those expectations and broaden that search to something a bit more realistic. It might take a while, but eventually someone will see your potential and nab you up.

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