The relationship trends that need to end in your teenage years

March 13, 2017
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As soon as you enter your 20s, there are some relationship and dating habits that seriously need to stop. While you might have thought your teenage self totally had relationships all figured out, there’s probs a few things you look back on and cringe at. If you lack this self-awareness then listen up, because these are the trends that need to end RN.

Celebrating weekly or monthly anniversaries

Sure we get it, new relationships are exciting and you want to celebrate. But three-week anniversaries are hardly something to celebrate. Nobody on social media cares that you’ve been together for a month, and no one wants to see your hashtags like #mybae and #soinlove. You’ll realise that celebrating monthly anniversaries will also send you broke – why not go out for the fun of it, without needing a reason like an anniversay date? Keep the anniversaries to once a year – just remember you also have Valentine’s Day if you need another day for showering each other with affection.

Making a big deal over becoming “Facebook official”

It happens every time – you’ll see someone change their status on Facebook to in a relationship, and the comments come flooding in. “Finally! Official at last!” will sum up most of the messages posted. This is often because couples also make this out to be a bigger deal than it is. You may have been dating for months but both of you are two awkward and don’t want to be the first one who changes the status. But seriously, this shouldn’t be the big deal everyone’s making it out to be. Stop treating a relationship like it’s not official until its Facebook official.

Breaking up with someone via text

Not that this is acceptable in your teenage years, but it becomes particularly unacceptable in your 20s. We probs all had an experience of a chicken-shit person who couldn’t break up with us to our face and had to do it in a message. But hopefully all those experiences were with awkward teenage dates who were too immature to realise what a dog move that is. No one in their 20s should have to experience this. If you want to break up with someone, we know it’s tough, but do it to their face.


This is relevant to online and IRL – basically, we don’t want to see your OTT affection for each other in any shape or form. This includes social media posts declaring your love for the other person and is not limited to tagging each other in cheesy articles about finding “the one”. And under no circumstances does anyone want to see you (or hear you) making out. Not on public transport, not at a friend’s place – just assume we don’t want to see it anywhere.