The relatable reasons on why you’re really at university

April 03, 2017
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For some of us, going to uni was a well thought out, balanced decision between a few options. For the rest of us, it was the default option. At the end of high school, our teachers and parents told us it’d be a good idea and everyone else was doing it, so you just went for it. You’ll be able to relate to these feels if you have no idea what you want to do and you found yourself going to uni for the ride.

You’re not ready for a full-time gig yet

In high school, you’re probs only used to working a few hours on the weekend at a hospo or retail job. The idea of working the Monday to Friday nine-to-five is probs a bit daunting straight out of high school. After an intense study year, you want to be able to have a long break and a few holidays for travel opportunities. Enter flexible uni times and a short semester and bam, you’re already signed up.

To put off proper adulting for a little longer

The idea of full-time work probs seems most scary because it means you’ll be taking on a lot of adult responsibilities at the same time. For most of us, 18 is still wayyy too long to be thinking about adult stuff like bills, bills, bills. For most, uni is the chance to still be young and avoid having to make important scary decisions before we’ve even figured out who we are.

Because everyone else was doing it

Pretty self-explanatory. When your entire friendship group is doing it, it’s easy to just follow the crowd and feel like it’s the right thing to do. Besides, you don’t want to experience the FOMO of missing out on fun uni events when you go off and do your own thang.

You enjoy the perks of living that student life

Did we mention the long holidays already? Because it’s a real incentive to stick around. Sure the exams are a killer and assignments are no picnic, but overall student life is an experience you won’t have again in your life. There’s something to be said about being a student at the age of 18 too when the world of pub crawls, uni parties and student club nights are an exciting new thing.

Because eventually, you need a job

That’s a pretty important one, right? If you know what you want to do, chances are you’re slugging it out in your degree with an end goal in mind. You might hate the idea of studying, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting you through. For those of you who don’t know what they want to do, just know that uni degrees aren’t the only pathway to jobs as many employers are starting to looking beyond degrees.