The reality of living with your significant other

March 11, 2016
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When you’re young, nothing seems more exciting than moving in with your significant other. You no longer have to hide the condoms and Victoria’s Secret underwear in the back of your cupboard better than your parents hid your Santa presents. You no longer have to explain why the bed is broken (we all know your parents didn’t believe the heavy textbook story) and you don’t have to deal with younger siblings wanting to join in and watch the movie with you, because they’re oblivious to Netflix and Chill. And you no longer have to become a professional contortionist in the back of your car, even if it’s a little bit fun to re-enact the handprint on the foggy window scene from Titanic. You do, however, have to share the same bathroom after curry night. 

We weren’t old enough to buy alcohol and still needed our parents’ signatures, however after moving in together when we were both 17, my significant other and I learnt a thing or two about living with your lover.

Someone is always there with a spare key when you lock yourself out

The first year out of high school was one of the toughest years to date. The real world hit me harder than the multiple punches to the face I once suffered as a black belt. Whether it was dealing with the bursting bathroom pipes and blackouts, or a breakdown when a pole ran into my car (pffft, not the other way around), no problem seemed too difficult when I had someone to share it with.

Be the Leonard to my Sheldon

A one bedroom apartment not only brings a “clothing optional” rule to the relationship, but it also keeps the bank account happy. It’s essential to embrace your inner Sheldon roommate agreement contract to agree on what costs you’re going to share before moving in together. After all, you don’t want to be paying for your partner’s marshmallow addiction.

Quality is key

Despite saying “I love you” every night and having someone to kiss good morning each day, there are only so many times you can brush your teeth while the other person is sitting on the toilet. To keep the romance alive, quality, not quantity, is key. Turn off the technology, take off your matching unicorn onesies, and go on a cute date.

Have separate lives

We all know the bubble that a loved up couple goes into. Avoid it like the plague; do not forget to spend time with your own friends and family, as well as alone, and most importantly, continue to stay focused on the goals you individually aspire to.

Top ten tips of the trade

Motivate and appreciate each other.

Spooning is only cute for two seconds. Claim the starfish before the other person does.

The girl always has more right over the blanket. The guy has body hair to keep him warm.

It might be a sexy way to save water, but make sure the person has finished shaving before you sneakily jump in the shower with them.

The laundry basket is where the dirty clothes go, not the pillows.

The person who doesn’t cook has to clean.

Binge-watching Friends together will make any problem better.

If you turn on the light in the bedroom before the sun is up, the person asleep will turn into a gremlin.

Hangry is a thing.

You can always call Mum or Dad.

Jessie Gretener

Jessie is a freelance journo currently based in Sydney, although she feels more at home when flying off on her next adventure.

Image: Leo Hidalgo, Flickr Creative Commons license