The pros and cons of being a twenty-something

July 06, 2017
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Whether you’ve just entered your 20s or you’re a few years in, you’ll probably agree that being a 20-something has its ups and down. Sometimes you’re grateful for the freedom, while other times you hate the responsibility. While people might tell you your 20s are the best decade of your life and others will tell you it’s the worst period, tbh it’s a little bit of both.

Pro: It’s the best age for travelling

Your 20s is the best possible time for travel. You’re young, independent and don’t have anything to tie you down and stop you from exploring the world. You’re also at your most healthy and fit so you can embark on life-changing (but challenging) journeys like the Inca Trail or Mount Everest if you really want to.

Con: Everyone starts getting married and having babies

This could be good or bad depending on your view point. But it is a bit scary to think holy fuck, we are actually adults now that make adult decisions like, I don’t know, life commitments and taking care of another human being. That’s pretty terrifying. While everyone else is busy getting engaged I'm just here like...

Pro: You’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin

For most, teenage years are wrought with insecurities and marked by a desperate need to fit in. Although it’s normal to still have some insecurities in your 20s, you’ll feel so much more assured with who you are. You’ll stop trying to be like everyone else and be your own unique person.

Con: You'll still feel the same as you did at the age of 18

Everyone tells you you’re an adult now and you’re expected to act like one. But no matter how far into your 20s you are, you will continue to feel no older than your 18-year-old self.

Pro: You have enough money to treat yo self

How did we afford anything in high school when we earned so little?! As wages and hours increase with age, we find the pay checks are a lot more generous. You can actually afford to treat yo self with clothes, weekend brunches and dranks with the squad.

Con: You don’t have enough money to actually save

Once you take into account treating yo self, travelling and putting money towards things like moving out and bills, you don’t have that much money left for anything else. You go between feeling like a baller to feeling broke in no time at all. I mean, how can we afford a house with all the smashed avocado we’ve been eating?!

Pro: You can choose any career you want

You’re starting with a clean slate and can pursue any career you like. If you didn’t get the mark you needed to get in to the course you wanted, there’s always ways around that. This is the best time to trial as many internships as you like to figure out what you want to do.

Con: Started from the bottom now we’re… still at the bottom

Finding out your career path means a lot of unpaid internships and starting out in low-level positions. A lot of hard work goes into pursuing your dream career so it can often mean you end up neglecting other parts of your life. It’s tough and there’s no guarantee there will be a grad job at the end of it all. Can’t we just skip ahead to the part where we land the dream job?!

Pro: It’s a decade of freedom and independence

You can go out into the world and do whatever the hell you like! You have the freedom to move out of home and live overseas if you want to. After years of being told what to do from your parents, you can finally make your own choices about anything from big life questions to small daily decisions.

Con: It’s hard to admit you still need your parents

You’ll feel totes independent when you move out – until you’re calling up your parents asking for help. Whether that’s help with money or general house stuff that you have no idea about, your 20s is a stage where you’re still learning how to properly adult. But it’s not the worst thing. Having your own space means you’ll actually form a better relationship with your parents (and hopefully they won’t mind coming over to help out every now and then).