The places you learn to love as a student

April 07, 2017
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During the holiday months, I’m sure your favourite spots comprise of white sand beaches, ambient dance floors and bed. But once uni starts, your surroundings change. As much as I’m sure you’re still dreaming of those summer locations, you’ve got to learn to love your new dwellings.

These uni locations will become like a second home to you now that semester one has rolled around. You’re going to be spending way more time than you’d probably like hanging around school, and you’ll quickly learn where your favourite spots are. Where do you spend most of your time on campus?

There are a ton of spots that you’ll frequent as a student – some are helpful, some are peaceful and some suck – this is your life now.

Silent corners in the hub/library

It’s incredible how many people go to study spaces such as the hub or library and do. not. study. There’s nothing worse than settling down in front of a computer, ready to soak in your readings, and then bam someone decides to sit next to you and eat some smelly food and talk on the phone. So, when you do manage to find a corner of solace to get your work done – you’ll love it.

University lawns and courtyards

Being stuck inside all day is bad for the soul – there’s no denying it. As much as unis try hard to make their spaces as comfortable as possible, nothing compares to the fresh air of the outdoors. So if you have a gap between classes, head outside. Take a book or some headphones; Mother Nature will do the rest.

The uni bar

I’m not saying that alcohol is the answer – but sometimes a beer just feels so right. Uni bars are not only great for the drinks, but the vibes also make for an awesome stress relief. The tensions of campus seem to melt away at the uni bar, with good music and laughing patrons adding an air of calm to your afternoon. Also, most uni bars have cheap deals for food and bevvys because they know that money is tight!


Alright, so I’m sure most people reading this are like “Are you serious?” Maybe you don’t love going to Centrelink, but if you’re one of those students who reaps the benefits of what Centrelink has to offer, I’m sure you’re pretty thankful when that money comes in. Centrelink might not be the best location to spend hours in line, but it keeps a large majority of Australia’s students afloat so, you might just learn to love it.

Study centres

I used study centres a little bit during my first year of uni and they’re a great way to get a second opinion on your work. Most universities have writing centres, maths centres and more, so I’m sure there’s a centre for your degree.  They’re free and they’re useful so why wouldn’t you love them?!

Tahlia Svingos

Tahlia is a media/journo student from the University of Adelaide. She probably wrote this in the bath.

Image: Francisco Osorio, Flickr Creative Commons license