The official #adulting checklist to aspire to

December 12, 2016
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You know you’re starting to get your life together when you start using the hashtag #adulting more and more often on social media. It might seem like baby steps, but you should celebrate the little wins that make you feel all grown-up.  

If you want to start adulting like a proper adult, make sure you’re doing the following things (and if you do all these things – congrats on the promotion to real adult!)

You have a savings account (that actually has money in it)

…and you don’t touch it – we congratulate you if your willpower is this strong. Student life often means minus dollars in the account and being broke before every pay. So if you’ve actually put aside some money to save for something big like an overseas adventure, give your new adult self a pat on the back.

You make appointments on your own (without your parents reminding you to)

If you actually go to the dentist without anyone prompting you to do so, kudos to you! No one enjoys taking time out of your weekend to sit in a boring waiting room. Your parents may still remind you to get your eyes checked or have a health check-up, but it’s still a big achievement if you’re taking the initiative to take care of your health.

You’ve let go of the unhealthy relationships in your life

Taking care of yourself extends to your mental health – and getting rid of the negative people in your life is a positive step forward. The drama that comes with bad friendships should be left back in high school, and moving on is a true sign of maturing.

Your weekly shop actually includes healthy groceries

When you move out for the first time, that first shopping trip is bliss. While it is hella expensive, you feel better knowing the contents of your shopping trolley is 99 per cent sugar. If you’ve finally figured out you can’t sustain yourself on junk food alone, you’re on your way to being a proper adult. When you start to buy more fruit and veg, you’ll feel better and realise it’s not as expensive as you thought. Win win!

Your life now has a bit of routine to it

When you start to have a bit of regularity in your life, you realise you’re over all the chaos of going to bed at 3am and clubbing on random weeknights. When you start going to bed before midnight, you know you’ve got that adulting life sorted. Even if you still have an unusual uni timetable or weird part-time hours, still finding a way to have regular routine in your life puts you one step closer to the rest of the adult world.

You can cook a (semi-decent) meal without using the microwave

Living out of home initially meant takeaway meals every second night and microwave meals for every other night. But you might have eventually realised you couldn’t continue to live like this. If you’ve got some basic meals down pat, or even better if you’ve got Masterchef skills in the kitchen, no one can take that adulting achievement from you.

You pay rent on time without going into minus dollars

In the wise words of Jenna Marbles, “Being an adult is when you have to spend your money on stuff that you hate.” Preach!

Image: Girls official Facebook page