The four types of lecturers you'll encounter at uni

March 08, 2017
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Some are funny, some are patronising and some are downright rude. Here are the different categories of lecturers that I have encountered in my time at uni and how to recognise them.

The Waffler

You can recognise this lecturer by their incessant need to demonstrate their superior knowledge by rambling on about things that are of little to no concern to students. You take out your notepad and pen, only to be disappointed when you realise he’ll not be following the syllabus today yet again. The only reason you go to this lecture is when you’re feeling tired and fancy a little nap.

Habits include:

Simple questions are answered in the longest way possible, speaking about topics that are of no relevance to the course, being cheerfully unaware of the feeling of boredom that has consumed the whole class.

Best approach:

It’s hard to stop a waffler once s/he starts. Your best bet might be to raise a hand and ask politely, “Will I be expected to refer to this in my essay/exam?”  If worse comes to worse, do the unit online.

The Mrs Umbridge

Not all academics are a pleasant bunch. Some lecturers seem like they should be wardens of a strict boarding school somewhere. Anyone who has read the Harry Potter series can recognise the self-satisfied smirk of a lecturer and their likeness to the hateful Mrs Umbridge. This lecturer is usually a fifty-something who enjoys failing your paper by just one mark, and is close-minded to anything that isn’t his/her way of thinking. Being in their lecture makes you want to use an unforgivable curse.

Habits include:

Ignoring raised hands, patronising questions, yelling at anyone who comes to class late and showing visible signs of anger at the sound of laughter.

Best approach:

Try to come to class on time and avoid getting in to any sort of heated debate. She may not be able to give you Friday detention, but the rest of the semester she’ll be out to get you.

The Lazy Lecturer

This lecturer is like a rare mythical creature because you hardly ever see them. It is rare to see the lazy lecturer in his natural habitat, actually teaching students, but legend has it they comes to class at least twice per semester. Once for the introduction class and then again a week before exams for revision. He does not lecture nor teach, but simply reads out loud while the students listen.

Habits include:

Not replying to emails, letting the class go home 20 minutes early and having a general “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.

Best approach:

Lazy lecturers can be good for easy classes you can ace by yourself. But if you’re struggling, it’s annoying to have a teacher who isn’t giving 100 per cent. Try to corner them after class, block the door so they can’t escape and get some answers!

The Comedian

You can recognise this lecturer by their jolly up-beat attitude. Their excitement to start the class is contagious and you look forward to every class. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is an easy class, the funny/laid back lecturers can still be harsh when it comes to marking.

Habits include:

Giving great lectures, making people laugh and generally being awesome.

Best approach:

Not a lot you need to do for this one, just enjoy the ride.

Sophie Nicolas

Sophie is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

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