The four things I wish I could change about my time at uni

June 22, 2017
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My time at uni is nearly up and it has got myself thinking about what I would change about the last few years. While there were atrocious haircuts and major fashion crimes, there were more serious things that I wanted to do but never did. I am at the stage of really regretting that I didn’t do these things earlier, because I certainly did regret it when graduation day came around. If I had the time again, I would certainly change it so I could get the most out of my time at uni.

Studying more

I have a serious case of procrastination. I hand in my essays with ten minutes to go and I do not understand the foreign concept of ‘studying for exams’. While it is true that Ps get Degrees, I wish I studied more for exams, rather than seeing the 50 per cent on my transcript. I had plenty of nights where I sat and watched YouTube videos or played the latest video game, which I now realise is time that could have been better spent on finding sources for my major essay or understanding what different theories meant. The lesson learned was that these fun things I was doing should have been the rewards I gave myself after doing hours of studying.

Taking more fun classes

I had numerous chances throughout my degree to have free electives. However, instead of doing that, I wasted my opportunity by only doing subjects that related to my field. I had the option to expand my horizons and figure out different options and interests, which would have given me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people. I took one unit about philosophy in art and met a range of people from different backgrounds. I made a new friend who I still talk to this day. I had moments where I was tossing up between another international relations theory class and a class about photography. When results did come out, I regretted that I never took that photography class.

Using more uni facilities

It was only in my final weeks of uni that I decided to use the careers hub on campus. I had no idea what to do and the career advisor went through with me on different options. I decided to do further education and take on my graduate diploma and my master’s degrees. But I wish I connected with the careers department more often. There were so many times in my degree when I stressed out over what to do about my future. I also wished I had hung out more in the women’s space on campus or different parts of the university because I didn’t even know they existed until graduation day or never took the chance to use them.

Not going to many uni events

There were opportunities every semester to attend social or sporting events on campus. While I kept on telling myself that I would attend next year’s Halloween cruise or law cruise because there was always going to be another year I could attend, I wish I just went. All the home sports days that our uni’s rugby team played and the wild events were missed and I really regretted the fact I didn’t go. I had a serious case of missing out when I saw the photos on Instagram or Facebook and it looked really cool to be there.

Sinead Simpkins

Sinead studies Master of Arts at University of New England. When she is not studying she is still waiting for her Hogwarts letter.