The five types of friends you'll make at uni

May 25, 2017
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During your time at university, you’ll make five different types of friends. Some friends, you’ll bleed with, party with, wake up drunk with and hand assignments in late with. Others you’ll see once a semester but still keep it tight through the group chat. Nevertheless, everyone you meet during your uni years will invariably fit into one of these five categories. 

The one you’re jealous of

This friend has everything; an awesome internship, perfect marks and they never hand an assignment in late. They’re in the executive of the biggest societies on campus and they’ve secured a grad position at your dream organisation. This person is not really your friend.

The one you want to be friends with

You met this person at some point during your first year and they seem so fun to be around. Each tutorial they captivate the entire class with stories of their weekend, and literally, every person loves them. You can never quite get close to them though and you can’t figure out why. This person is not really your friend either.

The group assignment friends

You are forced to be friends with these guys. You arrived late to the tutorial because the line at the coffee stand was ridiculous and you get stuck with this lot. There’s the guy that wants to do everything by himself, despite the fact he’s an idiot. Then there’s the girl that is so totally disinterested with uni that you genuinely wonder why the fuck she’s here. These people probably aren’t your friends.

The one you pretend to be friends with

This person is literally your nightmare. Somehow, they’re in literally every tute you take. They frequent your favourite spots on campus; they low-key stalk you and there’s no way to escape them. Every interaction is forced and awkward between the two of you. You’ll eventually wonder how anybody has ever shown more than a passing look at them. That’s when you realise your first mistake; talking to them in the first place. This person is clearly not your friend.

The one you’re actually friends with

The person you’re actually friends with is the person your mum meant when she said you’ll share the best years of your life at uni with special people. You share the same interests, you hate the same people, coordinate timetables and never let the banter dry up over the uni break. You may not see this person as much as you want to, but they are undoubtedly your saviour, and most definitely your friend.

Harrison Worley

Harrison is a PR & Advertising student at UNSW. He is a Man United tragic, and suffers from sleep deprivation for it.

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