The five stressful moments you can expect in the second half of semester

April 27, 2017
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Here we are again, back to the routine of lectures, tutorials, assignments and maybe some sleep if we have time. If you felt the mid-sem break wasn’t long enough for some much needed rest and relaxation, these are the feels you’ll probs be experiencing in the second half of sem.

Returning back to uni feeling more fatigued than before the break

When you’re trying to ease into semester one and you lose control of it in a matter of weeks, mid-sem break is your chance to recover. But one to two weeks really doesn’t cut it. Instead of being productive and doing things that will benefit your mental and physical health in the break, you alternate between big nights out drinking and nights in watching YouTube until 3am. Your sleep deprived self needs at least another few weeks to recover.

No longer being able to understand wtf is going on in lectures

You had it totally covered in the first couple of weeks. When assignments started piling up, you started to slip and started missing a few lectures. Now you’re back, you’re ready for a fresh start and go to the first lecture after the break. Unfortunately, the lecture doesn’t agree with the whole ‘fresh start’ philosophy. They’ll power ahead at full speed, talking about concepts you have no idea about because you skipped those lectures in the first half of sem.

One crazy week where you have an assignment due for every subject

There’ll be that one week that will destroy both your social life and your ability to stay calm and collected. It’s the week we've all experienced when a class presentation, two essays and a group assignment are all due in the same week. Prepare yourself for no sleep and no life in the week leading up and during.

A mini-breakdown when you realise how many marks you need to pass

We all go through a stage of panic when we’ve received all our marks before the final exam. When you do the calculations, sometimes it’s easy breezy only-need-10-marks-to-pass feels. Other times, it’s realising you need more than a pass grade in the exam if you want to pass the entire subject and the freak out begins.

And finally, cramming like you’ve never crammed before

When you realise you can’t breeze through the exam, you’ll spend every moment you have to cram in as much info as possible. Some things you’ll be learning for the first time and other things you’ll have heard time and time again, yet you can’t get them to stick. There’s no worse feeling than studying until late at night and waking up early to do it all again, but that mid-year holiday will help you push through.

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