The five-step guide to pub crawl etiquette

July 16, 2015
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With semester two about to kick off, there are plenty of activities in store – including the token pub crawl. The humble start-of-semester crawl might seem straightforward, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Its ability to bring people together and make them bond over an excessive amount of bevvies is truly remarkable.

So to help you make the most of of your faculty’s second semester beer-fest, follow our handy guide.

The shirt

Nothing symbolises a pub crawl more than the shirt. But you should only wear it during the crawl. Wearing it beforehand might give off some desperate vibes, and wearing it the day after makes you look lame.

Whether the shirt features a timeless pun or an extremely obscure reference you'll forget next week, it must be worn with pride. The shirt is a symbol of where you belong and who your comrades are.

Note: If the back of your shirt doesn’t include an itinerary, it may not even count as a valid pub crawl shirt. Not only does the itinerary help you to navigate, it's just as important for strangers to know where you'll be throughout the night so they can join (or avoid) you.

The route

There’s always the temptation to skip a venue, but you must resist the urge to diverge.

The point of the crawl is to bond with your fellow crawlers, so follow the route on the back of your shirt as best you can. Alternatively, wearing your shirt backwards is acceptable if you really want to stay on top of where you're going.

Rerouting to karaoke is a great idea, but it should be left until after the final destination.

Drink specials

It's important you know where you’ll be aggressively downing shots and where you’ll get to sit back and relax with a beer. A 'cheat sheet' outlining each venue’s drink specials might just come in handy - it's fair to say that you’re probably at a point in your life where money is not particularly abundant. You can save a load of money by having a game plan and solid drink-purchasing strategy.

No man left behind

The pub crawl should be a bonding experience; an intimate gathering that ultimately brings everyone closer together. Since you've decided to join the pub crawl in the first place, we can only assume you’re somewhat interested in getting to know the other crawlers. That’s why you should maximise your time with them and stick to the route.

You may fall in love with a venue, but you must keep moving forward to keep up with your mates. “Let's just stay here” are words that should never be spoken.

The tortoise and the hare

Pub crawls should be treated as a serious physical event, but remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The point is to visit lots of places throughout the night, not to pass out at pre-drinks. So do your best to avoid being the guy whose friends have to carry him from pub to pub the whole night.

Finally, always follow the golden rule: stay hydrated. Drinking water doesn’t make you less drunk, but does make you feel a lot better – especially the next morning.

Happy crawlin'!

Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot is a law and media student at the University of Adelaide. He highly values all-day breakfasts. Twitter with him @SamTalbot5. 

Image: Alberto Botton, Flickr Creative Commons license