The five-step guide to #killingit in your 20s

February 15, 2017
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The quintessential 20s experience is feeling a bit lost and directionless. You’re not alone there and it’s totally normal to feel that way. But there are ways to overcome that feeling of being the aimless twenty-something. If you want to move forward and start killing it, it doesn’t matter if it takes you years to achieve your goals – the important thing is starting now.

Get yo finances sorted

It’s an unfortunate but necessary part of being a mature, responsible twenty-something. Actually knowing what your super is seems irrelevant now, but if you get on top of all of your finances (even the ones that prepare you for retirement), you’ll have the means down the track to go after what you want. Of course, this also means saying no to Afterpay when you can’t afford to be spending money on clothes and paying back every last cent of debt you have on your credit card. It might be a few long months of slumming it, but getting your savings back on track and knowing about money is essential for this whole adulting thing.

Dream big

If you want to be killing it, you can’t be happy to settle or assume you’ll never be able to achieve those pipe dreams. That lost feeling that comes with being a twenty-something often comes from the self-doubt that you can’t do the thing you want to do. But the people who are killing it believe in themselves, and you should too.

No matter how far away or out there your dream seems, put it down as your goal to achieve in five or ten years. Then work backwards – what smaller goals will help you work towards that big goal? If you plan it in smaller steps, you should have a more simple plan for where you want to be each year. It'll give yourself tangible goals to work towards, that don’t seem so far away and scary.

Get informed

Don’t just let Facebook be your source of all news and information. Look beyond your social media channels that are catered for you and challenge yourself with alternative perspectives. Go beyond finding out what’s happening on The Bachelor or what’s happening with Beyonce and find out about the bigger issues. Make a daily habit to check up on the world news and see what’s happening beyond your own bubble. Being informed will help you get ahead in many aspects of life - not just professionally but also personally.

Travel solo

There’s loads of ways you can get out of your comfort zone and push your usual boundaries, but this is one of the best ways to do. Travelling by yourself is essential for taking the last point to the next level – put yourself out there, find out about the world and do it alone. If you do it alone, you won’t have the safety blanket of others to rely on and it’ll provide the kind of self-reflection about yourself that will only help you improve as a person. Besides self-reflection and improvement, it’s an amazing experience you’re not likely to regret. When you’re forced to make friends in foreign countries, you’ll have an amazing network of connections around the world.

Take care of yo self

While you’re killing it career-wise or kicking goals in your personal life, it’s important to take care of your health. That means actually booking your own GP appointments (as daunting as it sounds to talk to someone over the phone). Eating healthy and exercising might not seem like a priority to getting ahead, but later in life you’ll be grateful you took care of your health. It’s just as important to take care of your mental health and make sure you’re giving yourself downtime so you don’t overstress.