The five most questionable fashion trends of 2016

November 24, 2016
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For better or worse, each new year brings a clothing revival of yesteryears or a brand new trend. How would we define 2016? It’s a bit of a mixed bag between ultra fancaaay to binge-watching attire. While we’re not complaining about the latter, there are some questionable fashuun choices and trends we do hope will die in 2017.

Wearing exxy workout gear when you’re not working out

How many times have you felt out of place at brunch because you were the only one not rocking a sports brand crop top and leggings? We get it – that sports gear is hella expensive and you probably want to get the most wear out of it, particularly if you’re a serial offender for skipping the gym. Solution to that problem? Get yo ass to K-Mart, because they’ve really upped their trend game. That way, you won’t feel bad leaving your patterned leggings for the gym.

The ‘cold shoulder’

This trend of off-the-shoulder tops and dresses continues to re-surface, and we’re hoping that it will die down sometime soon. Often referred to as ‘the cold shoulder’, it’s another one of those fashions that we put up with despite the inconvenience. Beyond cold shoulders, you won’t be able to rock your comfy old grandma bra with this style. It’s not a trend that suits everyone, yet we’ve all probs still caved to the trend.

The lip kit

It seems that 2016 is the year of the plump and over-exaggerated lips. We can thank Kylie Jenner for this trend, whose lip kit has been constantly selling out throughout the year. We are hoping this trend will die in 2017 though. Particularly when there are cheap imitations of lip kits that cause swelling and lips getting stuck together. No thanks.

Collar neck tops

I’m a firm believer that ‘90s fashion trends should stay in ‘90s. Much like the trend of wearing a thin scarf around the neck, the choker-style collar top has recently made a comeback and I’m not sold. Maybe because I enjoy breathing and don’t think a top needs a strap of material to make that more inconvenient for me, or maybe I just don’t like any fashion trend that involves the word ‘choker’. 


You might not know what the term refers to, but you might have been rocking it without realising. You can probably piece it together – when you mashup ‘normal’ and ‘hardcore’, you’re left with this strange trend of very plain, casual and often daggy clothing. Let’s do a TBT to January when Making a Murderer was all anyone ever talked about. Lawyer Dean Strang’s fashion choices are the epitome of normcore, even getting their own name (and Tumblr) known as StrangCore.

Sure, why not. Jerry Seinfeld should be everyone's style icon.

Image: Youtube