The feels when all your friends have graduated and you’re still stuck at uni

January 11, 2017
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Whether you’re still completing your Bachelor’s degree or pursuing further education, one of the worst uni student feels is when most of your fam say “Bye Felicia!” to everything #unilyf. Cue Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’ on repeat. Here are five things you know to be 100 per cent true if you’re still studying while your friends have graduated. 

You go through a Rollercoaster Tycoon of emotions

First up, the sudden wave of feels comes in four stages.

Grief: Your faves have shared their tearful goodbyes on their socials. While you congratulate them with a Facey like and Insta love, you’re devo from the fact you won’t be seeing them on the reg. 

Panic: “How am I going to survive uni without my social tribe? Who would want to be friends with a fourth-year student? Why don’t I have my own reality show on E!?” These are the pressing questions you ask yourself during your Britney Spears breakdown circa ’07.

Defeat: LinkedIn says your dream team are students no more! Naturally, you wonder what they did to land their deskbound gigs and what their grades were – without logging on, of course. Already comparing yourself to them? Close web page, stat! 

Determination: Seeing your friends’ sudden success got your motivation levels up at a 10. You’re ready to make like JoJo and get out (leave) uni as soon as poss. You got this, fam. We’re rooting for you! 

You get to have a #NewYearNewMe moment

Whoever says the rest of your campus experience goes downhill from here needs to send me the receipts immediately. While trying to avoid Evil Kermit’s presence, you get to use said determination to apply for internships, remove sources of procrastination and form social tribe 2.0. – even if they’re not the same as your fellow OGs. Heck, you can even take a page off Troy Bolton’s book and get your head in the game this time. Let the classic movie makeover montage of your uni life begin!

You’re not in a hurry to graduate

Finishing your degree at the same time as your faves would make for bomb AF squad selfies. 10/10, would ‘gram. But you know uni is not an episode of The Amazing Race – million dollar prize money excluded. You’re not in a rush to arrive at the Pit Stop, AKA “the real world”, just yet. In fact, the real world isn’t ready for your awesomeness either! Phew. 

Catch-ups are a must

Your chats on Messenger with the uni fam go from “Hey! Has anyone started on the research essay due tomorrow?” to “OMG we need to hang soon.” Over the latest food craze and some truth serum, you dish the latest at uni while they spill everything about their deskbound gigs. Chances are you’re going to realise things á la Kylie Jenner about the industry you want to get into. You may not see them on the reg, but hey – a brief reunion is better than none, amirite?

And you still get to shower in student life perks

Compare the pair.

You: Three months of summer bliss spent bingeing the latest Netflix gem and capturing #killingit selfies during your Bali trip.

Them: A week off during the Christmas and New Year period before heading back to the daily grind on January 3.

You: [Taps on and off public transport with your concession travel card]

Them: [Taps on and off public transport with their adult travel card]

You: Still living that #unilyf.

Them: Currently adjusting to the office air-con, whingey colleagues and sad desk lunches.

Guess who’s living that blessed life now? I’ll wait.

Ryan Bautista                            

Ryan is an Arts (Media, Culture and Technology) student at the University of New South Wales. Don’t @ him but pineapple belongs on pizza.

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