The feels when all your friends are on holidays and you’re stuck at a shitty hospo job

February 08, 2017
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Whether you work in a bar, a hotel, a café or another life-sucking establishment, the pain of missing out on the holidays is too real. If you’ve ever checked Instagram during your break, you’ll be all too familiar with these FOMO feels.

The early shift/graveyard shift ruins any social plans

While your mates in retail clock in at 9 and out by 5, you’ve got the pain of either the 4am wakeup or the 4am bed time, depending on whether you’ve got café or bar work. This means that nights out become impossible to plan because you’re either a) going to have to wake up at a ridiculous time or b) you’re at work when your friends are out drinking. While you could just stick to brunch plans, chances are you’re going to need a hell of a good sleep in…

Customers are a constant reminder of the fun you could be having

The problem with hospo jobs is the customers you’re serving are mostly enjoying their days off. Bar work is a particular kind of hell where people are not only having a great time, but they’re also too drunk to realise how obnoxious they’re being. Your friends might even pop in to say hi while you’re on a shift, which is made worse by the fact that your manager is looming over your shoulder. They stay for a short period of time before heading off to actually enjoy their holidays.

Your wage is just enough to cover bills (but not enough for fun things)

Unless you get awesome rates for working crazy overnight shifts (which you most definitely deserve), hospo wages are pretty average. It seems like they should be way more considering that you're constantly cleaning up after people and doing the worst, most degrading tasks. But when that pay comes into your account, it’s pretty underwhelming. Particularly when you have to fork most of it out to pay for bills, bills, bills.

Your friends are just waking up when you’ve already been at work for hours

When there’s a lull at work and you check your phone, you’ll message pretty much anyone you can to alleviate the boredom. But unfortunately, you’re not likely to get many responses when your friends are out enjoying their lives or still sleeping till past midday. When you get the “Sorry, just woke up” message, you dream of that day off where you can do nothing but Netflix and eat.

Image: Friends official Facebook page