The differences between student life vs the "real world"

July 05, 2017
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For many of you, your last semester is fast approaching. For the rest of you, you’re at the peak of student life and you should make the most of it while you have the chance. Despite the huge pile of assignments and general student poverty, you’ve actually got it pretty sweet. These are the things you should cherish now before it’s time to enter the real world.

Student life: "Let’s get drunk on a Wednesday!"
Adult life: "Let’s be in bed by 10pm on a Wednesday!"

When you’re a student, you can go out pretty much every day of the week. Every club and bar has their own party night with student discounts so your Monday to Thursday drinking plans are sorted. The only other people who are willing to brave the weeknight party is other students, so you can generally avoid the suits and oldies.

You think you’d miss those Thursday nights drinking $4 vodkas and partying till 3am, but then comes full-time work. You wouldn’t dream of going out on a weeknight. All your partying waits until Friday but even then, it’s been a long week, so staying up to midnight might be a stretch. On the positive side, instead of spending your weekends staying in to do assignments or working at that retail job, adult life means more drinks in the sunshine with friends on a Sunday arvo. You win some, you lose some.

Student life: "I have so many assignments, I can’t wait to be done with uni."
Adult life: "I hate working Monday to Friday nine to five, I wish I was back at uni."

Nothing could be worse than the impending doom of assignments and exams, right? You’re counting down to the day you can graduate and get the hell out of here, but trust us fam, enjoy it while you can. While you do have to suffer through assignments and exams, look at the bright side. Most of you will have a couple days off uni to work on those assignments. And how many times in your life will you have this many holidays?

Adult world unfortunately means slogging through the nine to five with only four weeks of holiday a year. You’ll cherish your weekends like never before but you’ll be blown away by how fast they come and go. When you’re at uni you laugh at the idea of taking up another year of year for honors but as soon as you start full-time work, you’re back to sussing out your options tp study for a little longer.

Student life: Student discounts for EVERYTHING

Yasssss student perks. Whether that’s transport, clothes, the movies or even that yoga class, we’re glad people have our backs and know how poor we are. You’ll come to expect a student discount everywhere and it's probs the only reason you can still afford a social life.

Boy will you get a rude shock when you have to swap that concession card for adult fares...

Student life: "Urgh phone bill and Netflix? There’s way too much to pay for."
Adult life: "Wow OK there’s electricity, health insurance, HECS…"

As a student, you limit yourself to the essentials – phone data, Netflix and Spotify. Who can afford more than that? We’ve utilised all the free-month trials we can but Stan and Apple Music will have to wait until we get adult jobs. Except with adult life comes so many more expenses you took for granted as a student. You’ll truly understand pain when you finally get a decent paycheck and a huge chunk of that goes towards bills and expenses that should really be free.

Welcome to the real world, fam. If you’ve been counting down to that moment your degree ends, savour your baller student life while you can.

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