The cringeworthy parent advice you should actually take on board

April 24, 2017
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How often did our parents give us super cringeworthy advice? How often did we actually take that advice on board and apply it to our own lives?

God forbid those days when they would say in front of our friends. My mum is a notorious user of inspirational advice, which eventually meant my friends asked her for advice instead of me when they were in a crisis. Shocking.

You wouldn’t jump off a cliff if [insert name of friend who gets to do what you’re not allowed to do] did

Generally meaning, don’t follow the crowd. Just because you saw someone else doing it, it doesn’t make it acceptable for you to do it too. Being the daredevil I am, I always used to reply with yes, because I probably would get a thrill out of jumping off a cliff (with a parachute attached of course).

Don’t go like a bull at a gate

This piece of advice would be said after I dropped something while moving too fast around the house. It’s nice to take the time to slow down and focus on the task at hand before speeding up like that bull at the gate.

There’s no use crying over spilled milk!

A true classic! Most likely passed down from the generation before your parents. What is done, is done. The milk has been spilled and all you can do is clean it up now. As I’m getting older, I have learned to appreciate this piece of advice the most. It’s easy to hold grudges in life, but one of the best traits someone can have is the power of letting go.

Go wash your mouth out with soap

I wish this was literal. It would have been classic to watch my mum shove soap down my mouth. Fortunately, though, this never happened! But she was right, you should always think before you speak (and avoid too much profanity).

Be responsible!

Ahh cringe city. I’d always roll my eyes at this one because it was said so frequently, whenever I was leaving for a party or taking the car for a spin. However, it’s a simple saying that’s just as important as ‘be safe’, which I absolutely love. It might make you cringe, but it does show how much they care about you.

Take time to stop and smell the roses

I would always imagine this as me literally smelling a pink rose. It’s still cringeworthy but a very sentimental and powerful thing to take the time to appreciate the beautiful things in life.

Put yourself in their shoes

Let’s just say that because of this saying, I’ve figuratively worn a lot of “shoes”. This is probably my mum’s most used saying. I appreciate this analogy a lot; If everyone was more considerate of each other’s situations (on a small or large scale) then we would be living in a more compassionate world.

To all the parents out there, doing the best they can with what they’ve got to work with. Keep speaking those words of advice to your children because even if we don’t take it on board at the start, I assure you, we will eventually catch on. Just look at me now as the example of a perfect child (I try, I try).

Elly-Grace Rinaldis

Elly-Grace writes as a means of escape to her fantasies of a Greek summer. Dancing In Violent Fields is her lifestyle and travel blog for souls seeking inspiration.

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