The best apps to make student life easier

March 20, 2015
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“Back in my day we had to go to the library to research our assignments. Back in my day we had to actually work for our grades.” Bet you get tired of hearing that, hey?

Yeah well, back in your day you also had free uni, in our day we have to pay for our education. And it’s costly. But enough with the negatives.

Let’s take a moment to reflect upon why it’s great to be a student in the tech age. Here are Hijacked's best websites, apps and programs to make being a student a whole lot easier.


It’s always been useful, but now they’ve added a handwriting/drawing function and import images, which makes it one of the best around. Free and available cross-platform. Get it now.


A great app for those of us who have trouble getting up in the morning. If you’re not awake for uni you’re not going to do well. When the alarm goes off you can’t just snooze through, you have to either take a specific picture or shake the crap out of your phone, forcing you to wake up. Available on iOS and Android.


A fantastic revision tool, you can tailor digital flashcards to your own needs, or download a pre-existing set, and share sets amongst fellow scholars. When you revise you can pick how familiar you were with the answers and cards you had trouble with will appear more often. Free and available cross-platform.


If you have trouble tracking classes, assignments and dates in general this is the app for you. You can track grades and set it to automatically remind you to start/continue/hurry-up-and-finish an assignment to keep yourself on track.

It does however cost more than $2, however and is only available on iOS. Similar apps include Erudio and My Class Schedule for iOS and Android respectively. Both can be expanded from the free version.


There’s a lot of great bibliography generators out there, but what sets this app (and site) apart is the barcode scanning function. If you’re using a physical book all you need to do is scan and it autofills. Free and available cross-platform.


Ever needed to read or watch something on the go but didn’t have the Wi-Fi or data for it? Not anymore. Pocket lets you save webpages for viewing offline.


This a really useful app, you can take notes in lectures while it records the audio, but it is only available on iPad and it costs $6.49. A good alternative is taking notes with something else, say OneNote, and recording audio with Cogi, a great audio recording app available free cross platform.

Lost On Campus

Made by Australian students for Australian students, Lost On Campus ironically keeps you from being exactly that. Filled to the brim with every coffee shop, restaurant, newsagent and secret place in your campus. Free and available cross-platform.


This one is for all the new students out there. Brought to you by the University of Wollongong Unilearning is all about teaching you how to take notes, write essays, and think like an academic needs to.

Izrin Ariff

Izrin is a third year journalism and science student at the University of Queensland.

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