Ten times Daria was depressingly accurate about student life

June 21, 2016
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If you didn’t already know, Daria is a cartoon that aired on MTV when it was hip to the happening and not several shades of awful. Daria is a show we can all to relate to at some point in our lives, whether for its shockingly accurate high school archetypes or its satire of youth culture in general.

Despite being a show set in high school, Daria had a few things worked out about uni life and entering adulthood.

“I believe in coffee. Coffee for everyone.”  Daria

Coffee listens. Coffee cares. Coffee never judges.

When you fear this will be you...

According to The Bureau of Made-Up Statistics, dropping out and moving into a tepee in the forest is far more appealing to students than that scenario. Obviously everyone wants to love their jobs, but a lot of people do end up in jobs they don’t like through no fault of their own. Which is just not cool so hopefully you can avoid that.

“Why didn’t I just stay home where it’s nice and quiet and nothing ever happens?” – Daria

Especially when it's student election time. It’s that wonderful time of the year where all those people ask you very specific questions and you just want to run away as quickly as possible. But you don’t run because, you know, don’t want to mess up the hair.

 “Uh oh, someone just put us in a position of responsibility.”  Jane

Oh hello adulthood, hello managing your own class schedule, oh I didn’t see you there group leadership, I’m ready for this. Look at all that readiness. Boo yah.

“I’m too smart and sensitive to live in a world like ours.” – Daria

This one strikes when it’s time to get exam results.

“I’m determined to lie here on the couch until things turn around.”  Trent

That almost never works, but you still try it just in case. One day you will hit the jackpot.

“I’ve been procrastinating all day.” – Daria

And all night. Maybe all weekend. “I got this,” you say. And do you know what? If past semesters are anything to go by, you do (but not until the last possible moment).

“This is how deep people dress.”  Quinn

That magical first year of uni, or maybe the subsequent years to follow, will often spark a new wardrobe in you. Thanks ASOS.

“I don’t take cheques from college students.”  Daria

Daria is just being responsible here.The technical term is ‘monetarily challenged’.

“What could be giving you anxiety?”

“Um, let’s see.”

Exams, essays, groups presentations (ughhhhh) the list goes on. Then there’s the other non-uni related things that are giving you anxiety i.e. the future. Everything about the future. Remember the future? Maybe you’re imagining the tepee in the forest again. It would definitely need to have Wi-Fi. Also, all that coffee might be making you more anxious, but you are probably going to keep drinking it because you are now an addict.

But hey look! It isn’t all so bad, just remember this simple advice:

Words of wisdom, Daria, words of wisdom indeed.

The semester is over now and you are probably feeling a bit worried and exhausted, so have a bath and read trashy magazines. Or watch Daria. Daria in the bath would be very relaxing. Go do that.

Ally Jurgens

Ally is a uni student who is shockingly good at remembering facts no one cares about involving TV shows and films. She also writes a bit.

Images: Daria official Facebook page