Ten thoughts we’ve all had mid-exam

April 10, 2017
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For some unlucky students, handing in assignments isn’t a cause for celebration and the start of a breezy mid-sem break. Before you can enjoy that break, many of you have to go through the torture that is mid-sem exams. For a painful two or three hours, these are the frantic thoughts that are sure to run through your head.

WTF we did not learn about this

The examiner announces that reading time has begun and you turn over to the first page. You’ve psyched yourself up and you’re feeling confident, until you start reading the questions. You rack your brain but no, you don't remember studying any of this shit. You look around for your classmates, convinced you must be in the wrong exam. But no, the subject is clearly printed on the front page. You’re in for it now.

I shouldn’t have listened to music on the way here, now it’s stuck in my head…

You’re trying your best to focus and think back to that class when you were online shopping instead of listening. But when you try to take in the words, all you can hear is the lyrics of the song you were listening to on the way to the exam. Fuck.

I better change up this multiple choice. It can’t be that many Bs in a row.

You know the feels when you’re really confident about your multiple choice answers, until you see you’ve answered ‘B’ 10 times in a row. You panic and read back over it figure out which is the wrong one, but then you find yourself second-guessing every single one.

Is this a trick question?!

Even worse is when the multiple choice question has four very plausible answers. Or when an essay question alludes to one thing, but it could be about something else completely. You curse lecturers and their smug mind games.


And why do they make such a fuss when it’s time to check your student number and ID?! No, you don't need to ask permission to lift my pen. That's fine, please go away now.

I really should have studied more…

This is nobody’s fault but my own. I really shouldn’t have had all those 40 minute study breaks to watch Riverdale

Ummm why is everyone asking for additional writing paper…

One after one, more people around you start to ask for more writing paper. You look down and you still have plenty of pages to write on… Maybe everyone else has really large handwriting?!

Shit shit shit shit shit shit

There’s only 30 minutes left and you’ve left all the long essay questions until now. Oh shit.

This is fine, I didn’t want a uni degree anyway

If this is what it takes, I’m out.

Well, there’s always the end-of-sem exams!

I’ll be way better prepared for that one…