Ten thoughts all uni students have at least once a semester

May 04, 2017
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It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your first semester or your last semester – somehow every year, you'll always revert back to the naivety of your first-year self and forget all the mistakes you made that screwed you over last time. So these are the all the thoughts we have every semester, that we’ll no doubt forget like a goldfish by the time the next semester rolls around.

 “How many classes can I skip if I need to attend 85 per cent to pass…”

Instead of meticulously planning out your due dates and assignment deadlines, you use the subject outline to figure out when holidays are so you can mark it in a giant colourful letters in your diary. Every year you still get confused how many classes you have and the minimum number you’ll need to attend to pass the course requirements.

“Textbooks cost how much??”

Somehow, this surprises you every semester. Maybe because you never buy them, but then at the beginning of each new semester, your new-found motivation will have you thinking “I’m going to put in effort and actually buy the textbooks this sem!” Until you see the pricetag, then it’s off to the library you go.

“Will anyone notice if I rock up to class in my PJs?”

Tfw the “I woke up like this” look is actually legit – you hope you don’t look too dishevelled like you just rolled out of bed, because that’s literally what you did.

“What degree can I do that will get me lots of money for minimal effort?”

Most likely, the answer to that question will not be the degree you’re currently doing. In fact, you come to the conclusion that this degree probably doesn’t exist, otherwise you would have swapped long ago.

“Does my lecturer hate me? Is that how I ended up with the world’s most incompetent group for this assignment?”

Before this group assignment, you would've never considered yourself to be able to lead a group – but if you don’t take the lead, no one will. Despite taking control, somehow the simplest instructions will get lost in translation so two people end up doing the same part of the presentation. Urgggh.

“Class is cancelled? Perfect! I’m going to do absolutely nothing.”

Nothing is sweeter than waking up to an email that says class has been cancelled. And nothing is worse than only seeing that email when you’re already dressed and heading to uni…

“Oh shit, that assignment is due next week…”

Every single semester, there will be an assignment (at least one, if not more) that will creep up on you when you thought you had weeks left. Every time, you continue to be totally unaware of that schedule you naively made in week one.

“I’ve written the title, my student number and name. I deserve a Netflix break.”

I still have a few days… It won’t take long to write 3000 words, right?

“T minus 12 hours until the deadline, why do I do this every. damn. semester.”

So I’ve finished the intro and… that’s it, that’s all I’ve got. Fuck.

“WTF how did I lose 10 marks for referencing?!”

Oh right, because I put a full stop before instead of aft- THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

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