Ten things you need to stop doing in your 20s

October 18, 2016
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People often say your 20s are the most formative years of your life, which is scary AF when you feel like your 20-somethings are just one big screw up. While it's the best time to figure it all out and make mistakes, it’s a different story if you’re still holding on to bad habits from your teenage years. If you want to get ahead in your 20s and help yourself out in the long run, these are the things you should stop doing.

Getting your parents to do things for you

Whether it’s your laundry or your taxes, there are certain 'adult' things you should be doing by now. If you nail these mundane tasks now, you'll be totally ready when the time comes to move out and be more independent.

Keeping negative people in your life

It could be those toxic friends or that one-night stand who turned into an ongoing booty call. Either way, it's not worth keeping these people around if they make you feel like shit.

Avoiding things by being too busy

If you’re constantly making plans and never giving yourself any downtime, eventually you’ll burn out. Set aside a few nights a week where you stay at home and just chill out. You do you.

Eating takeout and microwave meals on a daily basis

Your 20s will be the time you realise you can’t survive off takeaway Thai, two-minute noodles and microwave meals forever. The unhealthy eating you lived for in your teenage years will begin to lose its novelty and the poor food choices will catch up on you. Learn a few simple go-to recipes like a stir-fry or a simple meat and veg. As soon as you start eating better, you’ll feel so much better about yourself.

Stop avoiding exercise

On the same note, your body will hate you if you continue to put off exercising. If your local gym membership is too exxy, set yourself some running and workout goals you can do independently. YouTube offers a world of free pilates and yoga tutorials that are just a click away.

Drinking to the point of vomiting or blacking out

The further you get into your 20s, the more embarrassing it becomes to vomit in public from too much drinking. While everyone has that one night they drink too much, it’s a mistake to learn from and (hopefully) never repeat again. You know you’ll hate yourself in the morning, so get to know your limits when it comes to drinking.

Staying up till 3am

It’s so easy to lose track of time when you're watching Netflix or scrolling through Instragram. Without even realising, it's 3am and your day is screwed up from the lack of sleep. Getting to bed before midnight is a true sign of #adulting and means you can actually function the next day without copious amounts of coffee.

Stop wasting money on things you don't need

Don’t spend your money on shit that you know will go unused and be thrown out in a year. If you have to choose between a $50 shirt and five $10 shirts, go with the expensive shit . The $10 shirts will fall apart and will probably just sit in your cupboard untouched because you didn’t really like them, they were just cheap.

Stop resisting change

If you allow yourself to grow comfortable in the bubble of your hometown with the same friends from high school, you’ll never be able to grow as a person. Instead of resisting change, embrace it. Move out, try new things and meet new people.

Stop putting things off

We’re all guilty of putting things off. It could be the trip we’ve wanted to take for years, the dream job we’ve wanted to pursue or even just avoiding a trip to the dentist. Now is the best time to do all those things – you’ll really regret it later if you don’t act now.

Lauren Piggott

Lauren has dreamed of being a writer since the age of six, when she tried to sneak a book she wrote into her local library.

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