Ten things I thought I’d have achieved by 21 (that I was totally wrong about)

April 06, 2017
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My 18-year-old self was so optimistic. After the stressful year 12 exams left me completely burnt out, I spent my first year of uni partying and bludging my way through classes. “But it’s OK!” I told myself. I convinced myself I had plenty of time to kill it at life. My first-year of uni was going to be a year of rest.

Little did I know that year of rest would turn into a three-year long snooze where I didn’t kick any goals I planned to. If you find yourself in a similar position, there's still plenty of time to sort your shit out (as I found out after a minor existential crisis).

This is what I thought I’d have achieved and was so so wrong about.

Landing a full-time job

Hahaha no. Cue me adding another three years to my uni degree because I was so not ready for the adult world.

Finding the person I was going to settle down with

My teenage self thought that made sense. Settled down at 21, married at 25, babies after that? Hahahaha NO. I’m glad I was wrong about this.

Moving out of my parents’ home

But why would I when it’s not that far to uni and I’ve avoided paying board this whole time?

Writing a novel

Even just a short story? No, I was enthusiastic for exactly one day before my interest started to wane.

No longer dating people who are totally wrong for me

I still haven’t learned my lesson after yet another failed attempt at a relationship.

Saving a decent chunk of money

Hahahaha no. Instead of sticking to that spreadsheet budget I created, I reward myself with online shopping sprees (when I most definitely don’t deserve to).

Finally joining the gym

I sure did! Doesn’t mean I ever went thought…

Pulling an all-nighter

Why is this something I ever wanted to achieve? Sleep is awesome and whoever said sleep is for the weak are kidding themselves. To be fair, my 18-year-old self had a way better chance of doing this than my lazy 21-year old self.

Living overseas

Does a Contiki tour count?

Figuring out what I want to do with my life

So I didn’t know at 18, but I thought by 21 I’d definitely have it sorted. After a degree and a few internships, that should be enough to know right? Wrong. So wrong.