Ten life lessons we can learn from The Big Bang Theory

November 25, 2016
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The Big Bang Theory has provided us countless laughs over its nine years on air, and the characters in all their diversity make an enviable squad. To school for cool, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj, as well as our favourite leading ladies, have taught our generation some invaluable life lessons.

Being smart is cool

If this show has taught us anything, it is undeniably that being smart is in. The gang’s casual debates over subatomic particles and Drake’s equation has made being a science nerd more appealing than ever.

Choosing the right roommate is important

Sheldon and Leonard are proof that when it comes to sharing a room, it is essential you make the right choice to avoid frustratingly frequent disagreements. However, if you do find yourself in a pickle with your roommate, take Sheldon’s lead and write up a roommate agreement.

Don’t forget to include your coitus subsection, and a Godzilla clause in case of emergency.

Just say it as it is

One stand out ‘Sheldon mannerism’ is his ability to just say it as it is. He doesn’t waste time being vague, and while his level of bluntness is erring on the side of rude, we could all learn to speak our minds just a little bit more.

‘Soft Kitty’ is the best home remedy for any illness

“Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur…”

This humble tune is an all-natural remedy for any sickness one may face, and is proven by both Sheldon and myself to work a charm. It works even better if you sing it as a round!

It’s OK to still live at home

Once you start uni, a lot of your friends will start to move out of home to become independent adults. However, Howard shows us it’s okay to live at home no matter how old you are. He still found love and successful career while living with his loud pestering mother, and let’s be honest, he probably saved a small fortune not having to pay for rent and food all these years.

One is never too old for board games, video games and ball pits

The four best friends are never too far away from a game of sorts in this series, proving you’re never too old. In fact, 3D chess and rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock better with age. And who can forget the iconic scene with Sheldon diving into a colourful ball pit? Bazinga!

You can live on take-out food

Every episode shows the gang eating noodles or some other cuisine from a box. This has taught me that, contrary to what my Mum said, I can live on take-out. What The Big Bang Theory didn’t mention is how much it costs... #studentlyf

It’s OK to try and try again for love

Leonard and Penny have taught us that unrequited love can become requited. Sometimes all you need is a little (a lot) of persistence, determination and goofy charm to finally get your bae.

We are all a little bit OCD

Sheldon has his own spot on the couch, certain meals on each day of the week, and he even labelled the label-maker. While it is a tad extreme, he taught that it’s OK to be a little OCD – that’s what makes us so quirky and lovable.

Your best friends will be with you for life

Despite their disagreements, clashing personalities and diverse backgrounds, The Big Bang Theory gang taught us all that your true friends will stick by you no matter what.

Chloe Waddell

Chloe is an arts student at The University of Melbourne, as well as film lover, volunteering addict and pole fitness enthusiast.

Image: The Big Bang Theory official Facebook page